Jan 30, 2004


Monday feels like ages ago! This has been such a great week! So many things have gone well. Hmmm.... where to begin? Well, first off, Christina decided to start doing a time of daily Bible reading for Lent (which is still some time off) and came to me for some guidance and suggestions. I was completely flattered and humbled that she came to me for something so important. I felt a little... umm... well, hypocritical telling her what she should do, though, since my daily devotions have been less than consistant lately. I told her I would think it over and see what suggestions I came up with for her. Today we went to The Wonder of Truth (which is a fabulous Christian bookstore here in St. Augustine) and I found a book called The Quiet Time Companion. She and I both got a copy of it, and we're going to go through it together. It's actually a two-year book, so it'll last a while, which is cool. We're both pretty excited about it. And it will be a good source for me for some things that are coming up that I will need a few ideas for.

Secondly, Christina also came to me and said that there's a good possibility she may be staying in St. Augustine after she graduates in April, so she was asking if some of us girls would want to live off campus with her. So this week has been spent looking at houses, and there are several potential ones! At this point, we're pretty much planning on living off campus with or without her... but we really hope she stays. So hopefully in the near future there will be some definite news about a house. Stay tuned!

That's all for now. Going to "Potbelly's" to watch a movie... there's safety in numbers, that's what I always say!

Jan 26, 2004


I had such an incredibly awesome day today! I just got finished writing two long e-mails about it, so I can't really afford the time to write about it again here, but maybe I'll post details in a day or so. The basics though are that God is doing awesome things in my life. It's absolutely incredible.

Today I'm thankful for...
-ladies' Bible study
-God's Word to us
-God's provisions for us
-God's perfect timing!
-the impact people have on other people
-the fact that God chooses to use us!