Dec 3, 2004

selections from a survey...

Have you ever been drunk?: no
taken drugs?: no
stolen? : probably
shoplifted?: yes, once when I was really young
tried to commit suicide? : no
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? : not that I recall
gotten into a fight? : not really
Are you more innocent or guilty? : both
Would you date a drug addict? : no
Have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict? : no
Are you racist? : as much as I would love to say no, I think everybody treats people differently based on racial stereotypes, at least at first.
Have you been a hypocrite in the past?: I think everybody has. And for Christians, technically we are every time we sin.
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? Depends on the situation, I guess. Generally open to feelings. I try to be open to beliefs as well.
Do you watch tons of tv? : no
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? : Not many. Like 2-3.
Do you listen to the radio often? : No. Always CDs.
Do you read the newspaper? : no
Do you read magazines? : not usually, but lately I’ve at least been skimming Relevant.
Are you a couch potato? : not at my house, but definitely at my parents house.
Do you use the internet too much? : sometimes
Favorite Book: And Then There Were None (also published as Ten Little Indians) by Agatha Christie
Whats your fave style of music?: I like lots of styles, but some days punk is my favorite:) Rob is introducing me to Emo… I seem to like it.
Do you play an instrument? : did play clarinet. I can still play, just haven’t done so in a while. I sorta miss playing with an orchestra or band.
Do you sing? : yeah
Who's your favorite male solo artist? David Crowder. I love that man. He’s just so fun and quirky, and has a good voice and fun style. Currently a little interested in Jack Johnson, courtesy of the 18-month-old that I baby-sit. She likes to dance to his music.
Why: I answered that already.
Who's your current favorite female solo artist? I’m a Nora Jones fan.
Why: she’s got a different style than almost any other singers. Nice mellow music.
Whats your fave band right now?: Postal Service
Why? : they’re new and fun, and they were personally recommended to me by a classmate, and Rob put some of their songs on my CDs.
Have you met them before? : um, no.
Ever had funny thoughts and laughed and no one understood you? yes
Whats the first thought that comes to your head when you hear these names?
Melissa : Bunk. good friend from jr.high/high school
Bob : bobclean. Screen name of Laci’s ex-boyfriend Rob.
Vanessa : character in a hypothetical story
Alyssa : Briant. One of my “siblings” from this summer.
Jess : roomie
Brian : pyromaniac
Charlie : Brown
Olivia : Cosby Show
Drew : female classmate of mine
Lily : purple plastic purse (children’s book)
Anita : Sowers
What's the first thought that comes to your head while hearing these words?
cheese : yum!
rubber : eraser
clothes : green
big : hug
dress : church
jacket : wearing more frequently now
polyester : yuck
kite : Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height. Etc.
washing : laundry
What is your favorite gum: Extra winterfresh
restaurant: CafĂ© 11, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Bunnery
drink: water, diet coke, cherry coke
season: fall
type of weather: right now, cool and nice
emotion: relaxed-comfortable-happiness. Like hanging out with a good friend and telling each other funny stories while chilling on the couch.
thing to do on a half day: go outside
late-night activity: walk on beach, cuddle on couch
city: St.Augustine
store: Target
When was the last time you...
cried: early September?
played a sport: couple weeks ago
laughed: a few minutes ago
hugged someone: last night
kissed someone: last night
felt depressed: not lately
felt overworked: eh, just a little busy with school these past few weeks
faked sick: either middle school or high school
lied: I don’t know. I probably repress the memories even when I do.
What was the last...
word you said: control
thing you ate: blueberry muffin
song you listened to: umm… whatever I woke up to this morning. I was too asleep to remember what it was.
thing you drank: water from the fountain in the hall
place you went: Rob’s house last night, or home or school, all in how you take the question
movie you saw: Polar Express
movie you rented: Nightmare Before Christmas
concert you attended: Charlie Hall
Who was the last person you...
hugged: Rob
cried over: a good friend with some serious issues
kissed: take a guess…
danced with: Rob
shared a secret with: umm… the girls, if it counts as a secret. Rob told me a "secret" last night at dinner :)
had a sleepover with: Lisa for her 25th birthday!
called: Rob
went to a movie with: Rob (recurring theme)
saw: Marcie
were angry with: don’t remember
couldn't take your eyes off of: who do you think…
obsessed over: ?
Have you ever...
partied 'til the sun came up: maybe once
had a movie marathon: sort of
gone too far on a dare: I’m not much for dares
spun until you were immensely dizzy: I'm sure
One of my posts disappeared when I put up my last one. If anybody cares, it just said to check out the new links for Jess, Krissy, Rob, and Niki's sites.
a good night...

big embrace after good day. dinner, no wallet. rent movie. special song with piano and embrace. movie--pretend to watch but eyes close. one holds other, head on chest, arms wrapped, hands linked. hearts at peace. momentary sleep slips in. credits roll, eyes open. lips press. and again. cheek to cheek. comfort. "okay, i'm leaving now." mm-hmm. back-scratching during Lenno. long hug, short kisses. lingering glance from door. engine starts, headlights on, pull away.

a good night.

Dec 1, 2004

a quiz to see what you know...

Here's a quiz Greg sent me today. Read the questions and write down your answers to see how observant you are. The answers are at the end but DON'T CHEAT! Also, you cannot look at the items mentioned in the questions to help you answer. After the answers, I'll tell you how I scored.

1. On a standard traffic light, is the green on the top or bottom?
2. How many states are there in the USA? (Don't laugh, some people don'tknow)
3. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty's torch?
4. What six colours are on the classic Campbell's soup label?
5. What two numbers on the telephone dial don't have letters by them?
6. When you walk does your left arm swing with your right or left leg?
7. How many matches are in a standard pack?
8. On the United States flag is the top stripe red or white?
9. What is the lowest number on the FM dial?
10. Which way does water go down the drain, counter or clockwise?
11. Which way does a "no smoking" sign's slash run?
12. How many channelson a VHF TV dial?
13. On which side of a wo men's blouse are the buttons?
14. Which way do fans rotate?
15. What is on the back of a Canadian dime?
16. How many sides does a stop sign have?
17. Do books have even-numbered pages on the right or left side?
18. How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel?
19. How many sides are there on a standard pencil?
20. Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy,Dopey, Doc. Who's missing?
21. How many hot dog buns are in a standard package?
22. On which playing card is the card maker's trademark?
23. On which side of a Venetian blind is the cord to slide them up anddown?
24. On the back of a Canadian $1 coin, what is in the centre?
25. There are 12 buttons on a touch tone phone. What 2 symbols bear nodigits?
26. How many curves are there in the standard paper clip?
27. Does a merry-go-round turn counter or clockwise?

ANSWERS 1. Bottom 2.
50 3. Right 4. Blue, red, white, yellow, black, & gold 5. 1, 0 ! 6.
Right 7. 20 8. Red 9. 88 10. Clockwise (north of the equator) 11. Towards
bottom right 12. 12 (no#1) 13. Left 14. Clockwise as you look at it 15. The
Bluenose (sailboat) 16. 8 17. Left 18. 5 19. 6 20. Bashful 21. 8 22. Ace of
spades 23. Left 24. Loon 25. *, # 26. 3 27. counter-clockwise

I got 20 correct. I missed #4 yellow and blue; #7 I said 15 matches instead of 20... I'm not a smoker; #12 I had no idea about the tv channels; #14 I said fans go counter-clockwise because mine does... technically, the answer should say that ceiling fans can go either direction... there's a little switch where you can reverse the direction; #15 I had no idea about Canadian coins; #23 the cord on the blinds... i couldn't remember which side was the usual side b/c one set of blinds at my mom's house is purposely reversed; #24 Canadian money again... what is a loon anyway? That's it. Tell me how many you get correct.