Sep 2, 2005

pressin' on...

Well, for the first time in a long time, I'm sitting down at my house in front of my computer, and I have nothing else that demands my attention at the present moment. It's kinda nice. After a long, busy week, Rob and I finally squeezed in a date night. We were able to do the First Friday Art Walk at long last. I'm pretty sure December was the last time I went, which is a long time to go without doing something I really quite enjoy. However, I will say that I think the art itself gets less and less impressive each time I go, but the event itself is still fun. I think I just like that I have an excuse to walk the majority of the downtown area in a given evening. And I like that so many other people are out doing the same. It's a cool sense of community somehow. I love St.Augustine. I definitely believe I'm made for it.

Rob moves into his new place tomorrow. It'll be a long day, I'm sure, but I'm really excited for him. Then Sunday he and I are teaching Sunday school. Monday, as we all know, is Labor Day, which gloriously means I have the day off, and we'll be heading up to Fernandina to see the family. I'm most excited to spend some time with my fabulous 7-year-old nephew Cody. He's awesome. He's always sure to provide some good conversation. I miss him.

So anyway, I've finished my cup of cookies-n-cream ice cream, and I really don't have anything else I feel all that compelled to talk about right now, so I think I'll go. If you're someone I haven't spoken to lately, leave me a message to say hi. Later.