Jul 29, 2005


I know, I know. I've been home all week and this is the first time I've posted. I'm a terrible person. It's just that every time I thought about doing it, I realized I had absolutely nothing of interest to say. So rather than waste your time reading it, I just didn't write it. I had you in mind. It was for your best interest. Having said all that, I still have little to say, but a post was requested, so alas, I write.

This week has been relaxing, which, of course, is nice. Rob did some serious cleaning in his room last weekend, and also moved my painting from there to his kitchen, so now that we could actually see the room and how blank it is, he and I concluded that it needed something. We had already discussed painting the room and have a color palate in mind, but that requires money and time, which neither of us really have, so that is postponed for a while. So in leiu of the walls getting a fresh coat of paint for now, I was commissioned to furnish wall hangings of my own design. (I like when I get to decorate for other people AND they leave the decisions about it up to me!) So my first project of the week was a "painting" (for lack of a better name for it) to go above his bed. By Marilyn's engenious suggestion, I purchased a 2'x4' piece of hardbord from Home Depot for a whopping $2.25, which is WAY better than the cost of a massive canvas from Michael's. (Hardboard is a thin piece of wood, much like the stuff wooden clipboards are made from.) Anyway, I covered the entire thing in newspaper --which happens to be in French, which I don't think Rob has noticed yet-- and then decopaged (sp?) random pictures on top of it... some from magazines, some that I took and played around with in photoshop. Then I painted over the whole thing with blue paint, leaving thin spots for the pictures to show through. I finished it by painting some scriptures on it in random places. I think it turned out pretty cool. It's one of those things, though, that I really had fun doing, therefore I like it, but I'm never sure if it's actually as cool as I think it is or if I just like it because it was fun to make. Anyway, Rob says he likes it, and it is now hanging on his wall, so that's all that really matters, I guess. Since hanging it, the opposite wall seems all the more blank, so my current project is something to hang on that wall. Currently, I have four re-used canvases that have been covered in newspaper (this time English) and I'm painting each a solid color. I plan to hang them all together, or possibly two-and-two to form two columns. I'll have to wait till they're on the wall to decide if they look good or if they're too plain. But as they're re-used, and I always have the option of adding more to them, it's no big deal if my vision for them is a bust. Nothing lost.

Other than painting this week, I took my FTCE last Saturday, and visited my baby niece Allison; I spent the day with my parents here in St.Augustine on Tuesday, which was nice; I got my license renewed (the new ones look funny) and had lunch with my mom on Thursday; and that's really about it, other than the usual. I read through the book of John in my quiet times this week. It was really good, but a lot of information to take in. I glanced ahead at next week's topic, and although I can't remember right now what it was, I was really excited about it, so maybe I'll have some insightful things to say about that next week. For now, I'm off to finish the canvases I think. Or maybe I'll eat a cookie instead, and watch a movie. We'll see.