Aug 24, 2004

i'm back!!!

I'm happily moved into my house in St. Augustine now. I love it! Posting might be sporatic for the next week or so, until we get internet up and running in the house. Might even be sporatic after that, cause I think we're going with dial-up for the sake of cost.

I think I've got the photography class I signed up for this semester. It's on my "tentative" schedule at least. I'm way excited about that.

That's all for now. Much love!
to rachelle in gainesville...

To Rachelle who signed the guest map: Are you the Rachelle from Trinity? And from first grade, for that matter? Just wondering if I had the right person in mind, or if you're a different Rachelle. If it's you, give me the link to your blog. I used to have it, but don't now.