Aug 13, 2005

the saga continues...

Today was my first official "Saturday in the life of a teacher." I spent most of the morning (well, I guess it was really mid-day) planning out my lessons for next week. (I'll be teaching math this week. It'll be fun.) Realistically, planning lessons for 2nd grade math isn't that hard, but since I'm doing my internship, I have to do all this really detailed crap for my portfolio proving that I am capable of writing lesson plans and all that, so for the remaining 13 weeks it will be more complex than in real life. I guess it's better to be over-prepared though, rather than under-prepared.

Tonight and tomorrow morning the Sign Choir will be doing our song (Shackles) again for church. We did it last week at the Edge, and it was a lot of fun.

That's all the random information about this week that I can really think of for now. In my next post (whenever that may occur) I'll tell you about some stuff I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks. Until then, live well and take care! Grace and Peace!

Aug 7, 2005


I have finished my first week of being a "teacher." My internship started last Monday, and the kids came to school on Friday. I'm really excited about it. I think it's going to be a really good experience for me. And my class seems to be a really good one. The kids are really cool, and we honestly have very few who seem to be "high-mantenance." Other than some drama two doors down from my class, the first day went really well.

This week was crazy busy. Not only was it my first week of internship, I also wound up having something scheduled for every evening. That was a little overwhelming. This coming week looks nearly as busy, but not quite. Hopefully things will slow down a little soon. I just fear that if I never get a break I'll burn out, and then I'll feel like I need to quit one of the things I'm doing, which really is not what I want to do. Anyway, I'm sure everything will work out soon. Until then, pray for my sanity! Actually, no, pray for me to feel rested. That's most important right now.

I'm really excited about Fusion for this next school year (I think it's going to be awesome), but at the same time I'm curiously looking ahead to what's next. I'm seeing some of my friends who are slightly "ahead" of me in their position in life (married, employed, etc.) who are transitioning out of our "college-age" ministry into other things, and I'm beginning to wonder if my transition time is fast-approaching as well. It's just that so many things change as you finish up college and move on to other parts of your life. A year ago I could not have begun to understand what this feels like, but now I'm starting to "get" it. I'm not worried about it... I know God has awesome things in store for me; I'm just curious. I'm excited to see where He's going to take me!

So that's all for now. I'm sure I won't get much time to post this week, so maybe I'll have something good to say by the next post. Enjoy your week!