Apr 27, 2006

no one's home...

I wish I was home today... for a number of reasons, but at the moment because I would like to post some fun pictures or something, but alas, I have none here with me. So in leiu of a personally interesting picture, here's a totally random one.
I also wish I was home so I could finish settling into my new room. Technically, I'm settled in, but while I'm on the packing-and-cleaning kick, I'd like to organize the stuff that I will still need for the next month. As of now, it's all a little haphazard. "Oh, I'll just stick this over here in this corner for now because that's where it fits." You know. Another good reason to be home is so my landlord can come by and check out the place in the ceiling that has leaked during every rainstorm for the past year that I have finally gotten around to calling about. Hopefully she can either let herself in today, or she can come by after I'm off work. She said she'll get back with me today, but I haven't heard from her yet. I'm hoping she doesn't forget. She doesn't have the best track record. She did return my message this morning though, so that's one point for her. Also if I were home, I would be sleeping. I've not exactly been "deprived" of sleep lately, but I do feel that I could use a little more. Realistically I always feel like that I guess. I'm probably deficient of some vitamin or mineral or something. I never feel any different even when I'm taking vitamins regularly, though. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I just think about it too much. Anyway. So all in all, I would have liked to have spent the day at home. That's all I was saying. Oh, and there's new people moving in... one today and one tomorrow I think. And Krissy and Marilyn are probably almost in DC by now and will be gone the remainder of the week. So for now, no one's home.

Apr 25, 2006


It's official. I have a roommate. I am sharing the same four walls with another person for the first time since April 2004. But it's Krissy, so it'll be cool. (Come to think of it, she's only the second person I've ever shared a room with.) We both got the majority of our stuff moved into the room surprisingly quickly yesterday. Oh, but the best part of the story is that after Bible study last night, we went DUMPSTER DIVING! Yes, for the first time ever, I proudly hoisted myself up onto the side of a dumpster and plundered through its contents. It's not nearly as bad as it sounds though. It was the dumpster that only contains cardboard, so it wasn't really gross or anything. And we were only on the side... we didn't crawl around in it. Anyway, we needed boxes to pack up our stuff, as both of us are really moving soon. I boxed up anything that I can live without for the next month and shoved it into the far corner of the closet. Mostly that contains books, teaching stuff, and random craft/hobby stuff. Moving out actually shouldn't be too much trouble now because so much is in boxes already, besides my clothes, which I'll just leave on the hangers and throw in the back seat of the car. I'm really looking forward to moving. I like the idea of change. I even enjoyed just changing rooms because I haven't done so much as rearrange my furniture in the two years I've been in the house because my room was so tiny it just wasn't possible. When I lived at home, I would rearrange every six weeks or so, so to go for two years without is a big deal for me! Anyway, random thought for you. Okay, I've jammed some paper in my printer, so I have to go attempt to fix it now. Later.

Apr 24, 2006

great weekend...

I never love Mondays, but they certainly are better when you can at least say that you had a great weekend. Which I did. Friday night Rob took me to eat at Flavors Eatery, which has the best food ever, and afterward I had the party at the house with the girls, which was a lot of fun. Marilyn really went all-out with decorating the house with hot pink everything and getting all kinds of desserts and stuff together. Lisa was the game organizer, which she's great at. Andi was there and led a special prayer for mine and Rob's marriage, which was really sweet. She's a great person. Anyway, by the end of the evening I wound up with some nice gifts and a few crazy ones, compliments of Laci. (I told Rob he doesn't get to even hear about those for quite a while!) I spent some time at Rob's on Friday night, went home, came back the next morning for French toast, then went to Jacksonville to shop for a bride's maid dress with Allison. We found the perfect one. I'm really excited about it. I did a little random shopping of my own, and returned to Rob's for us to go to Erica's graduation party. After the party, it was a pretty chill evening, which was nice. Sunday was church, Bible study (which Rob and I taught), leadership meeting/lunch, Krissy's graduation party, ultimate frisbee at Treaty Park, finally shifting locations to the beach. After the beach, we all wanted to eat dinner, but after trying THREE different places unsuccessfully, we went our seperate ways, with Rob, Mike, and I settling for Wendy's drive-through. For as busy as the weekend was event-wise, it was surprisingly relaxing, which I love. Oh, two other events that I missed were that Veronica moved out on Sunday and Erica moved out this morning. Veronica will be back in St. Augustine soon, so it's not quite as big of a deal, but Erica is back in New Jersey permanently. I had to say goodbye to her this morning before work. I'm not really very good with goodbyes. Partly because I've never had to say too many permanent goodbyes to people that I've been close with. Also, I think I'm just not a very sentimental person, so I don't get really "upset" about goodbyes, which I think is what is generally expected. It is weird though, knowing that I've been around someone daily for the past three years and now I may not see her again, or at least not for a long while. Christina and Jess have both left, but I lived with Erica much longer. Not to say that I was necessarily closer to one of them than the others, just that I lived with Erica longer. Anyway, that's my random thought of the day. As far as this week goes, new people will be moving into the house on Thursday, so in order for them to move straight into "their" rooms, Krissy and I will be moving into the middle room together. It seems a little hectic since both of us only have about a month left in the house, and I considered asking if I could avoid doing this, but I figure this will make it easier on the new girls, and besides, it will give me a jump-start on boxing up some of my stuff since I'll be moving in a month anyway. I will surely have to make some adjustments to (1) having a roommate for the first time in two years and (2) being in the less dark, less quiet room, but I think it'll be okay. And it's not for long anyway.

Well, that's all my interesting news for now. Two hours to go in the work day. I'm sure you can tell I'm workng very hard today. In all honesty, it's been a fairly busy day. It's just now started to slow down a little. Okay, gotta go. Later.