Nov 5, 2004


What if you were the only person left on earth who was living a life pleasing to God? You, being the head of your household, also managed to lead your family in following God, but no one else on earth even gave a thought to God. They lived in total opposition to anything that God stands for. What would your life be like? No church services, no Christian fellowship, no popular hymns or worshipful choruses, no one with whom to share joy over things God has done in your life. Essentially, you and your family had been dropped in the middle of a spiritual cemetary and you were the only ones alive. This is Noah's story.

And furthermore, could you imagine working on the same task for 120 years?

5 letter word: super
Candy: Milky Way Midnight
Cereal: Special K with Red Berries
Chewing gum: Winterfresh
Color(s): green (all shades)
Color nail polish: depends on mood :)
Day of week: Sunday
Least fave day: Tuesday (this semester only)
Jello flavor: I HATE JELLO!!
Summer/Winter: both
Trampolines or swimming pools: pools

Person who last..
Saw you cry: if during church counts, Marti Briant. if not, I can't remember.
Made you cry: ?
Went to the movies with you: Marti
Yelled at you: ?
Sent you an email: Phyllis

Have you ever..
Said "I love you" and meant it?: not in a "relationship" sense
Gone out in public in your pajamas: the closest I can remember coming to this was the dining hall at Flagler
Kept a secret from everyone: of course!
Cried during a movie: yes (Hard Ball)
At anytime owned New Kids on the Block stuff: no
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: not the whole week! only occasional Saturday nights
Been on stage: yes
Been to New York: yes
Been to California: no
Canada: no
Europe: yes
Asia: no
South America: no
Australia: no
Africa: no
Wished you were the opposite sex: yes

What time is it now?: 9:09 am

Either Or
Apples or bananas?: generally bananas
Blue or red?: it's a toss-up
Walmart or Target?: Target
Spring or Fall?: Fall (pretty with fewer allergies)
High school or college?: definitely college

Do you believe in love at first sight?: maybe (never experienced it)
Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: YES. 1-3
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: other than a heart for God, I'd have to say it's something you can't explain... just this awesome "thing" that God gives two people that makes them click.

Other Info
Criminal record?: no. not even any tickets.
Do you speak any other languages?: yes, ASL
Name some of your favorite things in your room: red paper lantern, painted canvases, photos
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: blog it and email it. then write another post.
Last meal you ate?: breakfast (a breakfast bar and a glass of soy milk)
Are you bored?: no
Last noise you heard?: siren outside
Last smell you sniffed?: spray paint (not kidding!)
Last time you went out of state?: summer in GA

Nickname(s): meg, megs, meganlee (considered a nickname because of how it's said)... and others
Initials: MML
How old do you look?: I think someone else should answer this one for me... I actually often wonder
How old do you act?: 25-30 sometimes. my age at others.
Glasses/Contacts: neither
Braces: had them, yes
Do you have any pets?: Toby (Yorkshire Terrier), Kitty (guess.), and Daisy (a white dove) all at my parents' house
Get embarrassed: not too often
What makes you happy?: friends, church, being outside during nice weather, not having any homework
What upsets you?: hypocrites and fakes, children who can't get adopted, the massive numbers of poor people, when people don't fulfill their responsibilities or are not considerate of others

Finish the sentence:
I Love to... hang out with my friends.
I Miss... Allison... & sleep.
I Wish... I didn't have to take Instructional Design... & that I was more compassionate.
I Hope... I'm a good teacher.
I'm Annoyed by... dirty dishes.
I Am... analytical.
I Want to Be... a wife and mom.
I Would Never... intentionally hurt someone's feelings.
I'd Rather...
I Am Tired of... school.
I Will Always be... my own person.