Nov 5, 2004


5 letter word: super
Candy: Milky Way Midnight
Cereal: Special K with Red Berries
Chewing gum: Winterfresh
Color(s): green (all shades)
Color nail polish: depends on mood :)
Day of week: Sunday
Least fave day: Tuesday (this semester only)
Jello flavor: I HATE JELLO!!
Summer/Winter: both
Trampolines or swimming pools: pools

Person who last..
Saw you cry: if during church counts, Marti Briant. if not, I can't remember.
Made you cry: ?
Went to the movies with you: Marti
Yelled at you: ?
Sent you an email: Phyllis

Have you ever..
Said "I love you" and meant it?: not in a "relationship" sense
Gone out in public in your pajamas: the closest I can remember coming to this was the dining hall at Flagler
Kept a secret from everyone: of course!
Cried during a movie: yes (Hard Ball)
At anytime owned New Kids on the Block stuff: no
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: not the whole week! only occasional Saturday nights
Been on stage: yes
Been to New York: yes
Been to California: no
Canada: no
Europe: yes
Asia: no
South America: no
Australia: no
Africa: no
Wished you were the opposite sex: yes

What time is it now?: 9:09 am

Either Or
Apples or bananas?: generally bananas
Blue or red?: it's a toss-up
Walmart or Target?: Target
Spring or Fall?: Fall (pretty with fewer allergies)
High school or college?: definitely college

Do you believe in love at first sight?: maybe (never experienced it)
Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: YES. 1-3
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: other than a heart for God, I'd have to say it's something you can't explain... just this awesome "thing" that God gives two people that makes them click.

Other Info
Criminal record?: no. not even any tickets.
Do you speak any other languages?: yes, ASL
Name some of your favorite things in your room: red paper lantern, painted canvases, photos
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: blog it and email it. then write another post.
Last meal you ate?: breakfast (a breakfast bar and a glass of soy milk)
Are you bored?: no
Last noise you heard?: siren outside
Last smell you sniffed?: spray paint (not kidding!)
Last time you went out of state?: summer in GA

Nickname(s): meg, megs, meganlee (considered a nickname because of how it's said)... and others
Initials: MML
How old do you look?: I think someone else should answer this one for me... I actually often wonder
How old do you act?: 25-30 sometimes. my age at others.
Glasses/Contacts: neither
Braces: had them, yes
Do you have any pets?: Toby (Yorkshire Terrier), Kitty (guess.), and Daisy (a white dove) all at my parents' house
Get embarrassed: not too often
What makes you happy?: friends, church, being outside during nice weather, not having any homework
What upsets you?: hypocrites and fakes, children who can't get adopted, the massive numbers of poor people, when people don't fulfill their responsibilities or are not considerate of others

Finish the sentence:
I Love to... hang out with my friends.
I Miss... Allison... & sleep.
I Wish... I didn't have to take Instructional Design... & that I was more compassionate.
I Hope... I'm a good teacher.
I'm Annoyed by... dirty dishes.
I Am... analytical.
I Want to Be... a wife and mom.
I Would Never... intentionally hurt someone's feelings.
I'd Rather...
I Am Tired of... school.
I Will Always be... my own person.

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