Jun 10, 2005

good stuff...

So here's a few points of cool news that I thought I'd share with you today. First, I helped Rob rearrange his place last night (it looks pretty good, if I may say so) in preperation for the good news of today, which is that Kyle and Holly are moving down today. Kyle will be staying with Rob for about a month and a half, and Holly will be staying with Kathy in her new house (I'm not sure for how long). It'll be nice to have our Holly back after a year of her being away, and Kyle will be a nice addition to our group, as well. Other cool news (indirectly, as it doesn't affect me at all) Krissy's friend, whose name I forget, stopped by the house yesterday to inform Krissy that she recently found out she's pregnant. It's cool to see the utter excitement and joy that a new-mom-to-be experiences. Lastly, I start working at an art gallery downtown on Monday. Mullet Beach gallery... as in the fish, not the hair style. I wish I had thought to go talk to the lady sooner. I had spoken with her over winter break and was going to work for her then, but our schedules didn't work out, and then Greg informed me the other day that she was still looking for someone to work for her for the summer. Until he mentioned it, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. So I stopped in yesterday, but the owner wasn't there, so I went back today. Our conversation was basically,
"Hi, I'm Megan. We spoke before. Do you still need some help for the summer?"
"Yes, I could use someone 3-4 days a week. When can you start?"
"Okay, see you Monday at 11:00."

I left out a few details, but that's about how quickly I got the job. That beats the heck out of this stupid interview I've been waiting for. Sure, the other job would have been more hours and better pay, but they keep putting me off again and again, so I'm not making any money sitting around waiting on them.

So that's all the news. Tonight Rob and I are making dinner for Holly and Kyle, and then there's Continuation at my house. I'm looking forward to Continuation tonight because last night as I was doing my quiet time I asked God to show me what we should focus on tonight, and the scripture I read seems really appropriate for our group and current situations. I think it's a word we could all use right now, so hopefully it is received well and God uses it. I'm confident He will. His Word never returns void.

Grace and Peace.

Jun 9, 2005


I was just sitting here in "the nook" at my house and I started realizing several things that I miss. Not in a really bad "now-I'm-depressed" sort of way, just things I miss having around or what-not. I miss Christina, with her "mom" speeches. I miss Jess, with her rolling up the rug and dancing in the living room. I miss our banner paper being on our wall for everyone to write on. I miss the hymns I sang growing up. (Growing up I would have killed for a decent praise chorus... I guess it's hard to get the best of both worlds.) I desperately miss singing in a really good choir... or any choir at all, for that matter. I miss playing in band/orchestra, which is something I never thougt I'd say when I was in it. For the last two, I think what it is that I miss most, aside from just enjoying the way 40-300 musicians sound together, is the challange of learning new music. Often difficult music. The closest I've come lately to having to think hard at all about music was sight-reading the alto line for the verses of "Jesus Paid it All" last Wednesday when I sang it in church with Rob and the band. And even then, I basically knew what it was supposed to sound like. Okay, so that turned into a bit of a tangent. Back to the list. I miss the excitement brought by the ice cream truck when I was a kid. And it was cool how nice our ice cream man was. If there was a big group of us kids buying ice cream and one kid didn't have any money, he would give him a popsicle. That's nice.

Speaking of frozen treats, I just finished one of my famous banana-strawberry smoothies. It was delicious! Very satisfying after my walk to and from downtown. It's hot out! Also, Tuesday night Rob and I went to Cold Stone after dinner and I had the Apple Pie A-la-Mode... it was incredible! I do believe it's the best combination I've had from Cold Stone. Wade, our friend from the youth group, works there and he recommended to me that I should have it made with French Vanilla instead of Sweet Cream, so I followed his advice, and it was fabulous. So if anyone decides to try it out, I would recommend the same.

Okay, I have nothing else even remotely interesting to say, so I'll stop here. Have a fabulous Thursday afternoon! Peace!

Jun 7, 2005

the non-post...

rocky beach Posted by Hello

I don't really have anything to say this evening. I just wanted to put up a picture for whatever reason. So there you have it. One picture just for you.
a post, in two parts, take two...

I just got done writing up this post and then when I hit the publish button there was an error and it didn't publish, nor did it save. I hate that. And it only happens with posts that I'm really excited about posting. Not that this one is really important or anything, but I was still in the mood to post it. So here goes take two. Hopefully it will be as good as the first go-around. I have made myself a pb&j to ease the pain of having to re-type it!

The first part of this post is a little random. Over the past few days some random quotes have stuck out in my mind, all relating to the feelings associated with being in love. I just thought I'd share some of them with you. I relate to them. They make me smile.

One of the amazing things about Rachel was that I wanted to kiss her every time she was talking about something interesting, which was all the time. It was sexy. It was weird.

-Will (Hugh Grant), "About a Boy"

I'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned. I have to speculate that God Himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay.

-"Such Great Heights" by Postal Service (I don't actually know who wrote the song, but the Postal Service does one version of it. Rob can tell me who deserves the actual credit for it.)


I really like hymns. I was thinking about that a little this weekend. Tonight I was flipping through a book of hymns that I have and singing through some of them. I like doing that sometimes. It reminds me of songs I haven't thought of in a while, and it's a fun way to spend some time with God. I find myself drawn to songs (whether praise choruses or hymns) that talk about nature or creation worshipping God and showing His glory. Tonight I was stopped by "This is My Father's World." I didn't sing this song much growing up that I remember. I first came across it when I got a Chris Rice CD where he plays a bunch of old hymns on the piano. I liked the tune, so I looked it up in a hymn book to learn the words. Here it is.

This is my Father's world,
And to my list'ning ears
All nature sings, and round me rings
The music of the spheres.
This is my Father's world!
I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas
His hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world
The birds their carols raise;
The morning light, the lily white,
Declare their Maker's praise.
This is my Father's world!
He shines in all that's fair;
In the rustling grass I hear Him pass
He speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world
O let me ne'er forget
That tho the wrong seems oft so strong
God is the Ruler yet.
This is my Father's world!
The battle is not done;
Jesus who died shall be satisfied,
And earth and heav'n be one.