Jun 9, 2005


I was just sitting here in "the nook" at my house and I started realizing several things that I miss. Not in a really bad "now-I'm-depressed" sort of way, just things I miss having around or what-not. I miss Christina, with her "mom" speeches. I miss Jess, with her rolling up the rug and dancing in the living room. I miss our banner paper being on our wall for everyone to write on. I miss the hymns I sang growing up. (Growing up I would have killed for a decent praise chorus... I guess it's hard to get the best of both worlds.) I desperately miss singing in a really good choir... or any choir at all, for that matter. I miss playing in band/orchestra, which is something I never thougt I'd say when I was in it. For the last two, I think what it is that I miss most, aside from just enjoying the way 40-300 musicians sound together, is the challange of learning new music. Often difficult music. The closest I've come lately to having to think hard at all about music was sight-reading the alto line for the verses of "Jesus Paid it All" last Wednesday when I sang it in church with Rob and the band. And even then, I basically knew what it was supposed to sound like. Okay, so that turned into a bit of a tangent. Back to the list. I miss the excitement brought by the ice cream truck when I was a kid. And it was cool how nice our ice cream man was. If there was a big group of us kids buying ice cream and one kid didn't have any money, he would give him a popsicle. That's nice.

Speaking of frozen treats, I just finished one of my famous banana-strawberry smoothies. It was delicious! Very satisfying after my walk to and from downtown. It's hot out! Also, Tuesday night Rob and I went to Cold Stone after dinner and I had the Apple Pie A-la-Mode... it was incredible! I do believe it's the best combination I've had from Cold Stone. Wade, our friend from the youth group, works there and he recommended to me that I should have it made with French Vanilla instead of Sweet Cream, so I followed his advice, and it was fabulous. So if anyone decides to try it out, I would recommend the same.

Okay, I have nothing else even remotely interesting to say, so I'll stop here. Have a fabulous Thursday afternoon! Peace!

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