Feb 26, 2004

"Even Then" by Nichole Nordeman

It's a fear that keeps me wide awake
In the middle of the night
When the expectations are too great
And the bar gets raised too high
So I do the best with what I've got
And hope that no one knows
That I strain to see how high I can
Try to stand on these toes
Until I'm measured, but You know better

So, thank You, Jesus
Even when You see us just as we are
Fragile and frail and so far
From who we want to be
So, thank You, Jesus
Even when the pieces are broken and small
Dreams shatter and scatter like the wind
Thank You, even then

So I put aside the masquerade
And admit that I am not okay
Which may not be the thing to say
But I'm not ashamed to need You more each day

We raise the standard, and try to reach You
But we'll never make it, and we don't need to...
blocking the light...

Larry spoke at Fusion tonight, and he gave this awesome example of how little things (little sins) in our lives can block our relationship with God when we let them stay in our lives. He said if you go outside on a sunny day, the great big sun up in the sky can be blocked out if you simply take a quarter from your pocket and hold it up in front of the sun. The sun is millions and millions of times bigger than the small, little quarter, yet that quarter can block the light of the sun if it is held between the sun and the viewer. Just like the quarter, "little" sins in our lives may seem insignificant in comparison to bigger things, yet they can just as easily block our access to God as bigger things. Something to think about.