Jun 19, 2005


The blueberries are ripe! I picked some with my dad today when I was at my parents' house. There are few things in life that are better than ripe, fresh-from-the-bush blueberries.

Today was a good day. I especially enjoyed Pastor Ron's Father's Day sermon this morning. Back on Mother's Day he preached on Ephesians 5:22-24, which is about wives submitting to their husbands, which may seem like a risky Mother's Day topic, but he promised that the guys would "get it" on Father's day. So today was 5:25-32, talking about "husbands love your wives." It was really good. Everything he said was clear and specific and the Truth of God. As I was listening to him speak, I was thinking how cool it is that God has so blessed me with awesome examples of Godly couples living out the commands of Ephesians 5. Specifically, I was thinking of Billy and Phyllis Robshaw. (They were sitting in front of me, but I would have thought of them anyway!) It's cool to be involved so closely in ministry with them because we get to see them at all different times, even voulnerable times, yet their example has never waivered. They are a faimily that truly has a grasp on the love of God and the role that it sould play in their relationships with one another. Krissy and I were talking about this the other day. We said that you can go through life seeing families that are there for each other and provide for each other, etc., and think "oh, that's a loving family." But then you see a family that is just overflowing with love because it is the love that comes from a passion for Christ, like the Robshaws, and you think "Wow! That's what love is!" It gives you a totally new perspective on things. It's a cool system God has planned out for us in Ephesians, if we would just believe Him and follow it. People always get caught up on the "wives, submit to your husbands part," which I just don't get. Someone said once, and I have always believed, that it is the easiest and most fulfilling thing in the world to submit to the one who is loving you with the kind of love described in verses 25-32. What more could a girl want than to be loved by a man the way CHRIST HIMSELF loved the church! We couldn't possibly come up with a better plan than this one... which is why the world is so confused. They keep trying to make things work using a different plan, when this is what we are designed for. Anyway, it was a really encouraging sermon. Interestingly, we're doing that passage at Bible study tomorrow.