May 7, 2004

on motherhood...

"Just when you think you've got it all together, somebody spills chocolate all over your shirt."

--Erin O'Donnel, radio phone interview yesterday

May 3, 2004

the georgia girl...

Life is good here in Canton (a small city right outside Atlanta, for those who don't know). I arrived here Wednesday, unloaded my car, and just chilled out for a while. That evening, I went to Ashlee's track meet (Krissy and Christina [and Allie], you'll be happy to know I'm living with runners!), and then to choir practice with Marti. Thursday I jumped right in to work. And it was a BUSY day. Marti and I were out of the house by 7:30 and worked till about 4:00 I think. Then there was all the running around for the evening, and then we had to come back and make dinner, and lug a huge dresser downstairs (two flights) for me to use while I'm here. Luckily, it was lightweight. The activity at this house doesn't stop till about 11:00 pm! Friday I hung out at the house while Marti met with a client. Friday night Rex and Marti were getting themselves all together to leave on Saturday to go to France on a mission trip. Yes, that's right, the two adults in the house left on a mission trip clear across the Atlantic Ocean. I'm the responsible adult over four kids for eight days. I do morning wake ups, daily errands, afternoon activities, and dinner. So far, it's been good. The only hindrance was that I drove the Suburban to church Sunday because we didn't all fit in any of the other vehicles, and when we were leaving church it wouldn't start. The battery was dead. And it was raining. But a nice man helped us, so all was well. So other than that, everything has been great. Not much else to say. More reports to come. Later.