Mar 16, 2004


For the few who still read this, I thought I'd share some of the art that I am simply fascinated by that I have been able to admire here in St. Augustine. One of my favorite places here in town is a place called the Energy Lab. Go ahead, click on the link... they're pretty cool! I particularly like the work of Sean Farnum from that gallery. Also, their featured artist of the month is Andre'a Giovanni who seems to be on her way to photo-realist painting. Another artist that I have come to admire is Thomas Arvid, whose work can be seen here in St. Augustine at the Tripp Harrison Gallery, as well as here. Other artists from that same website that are also featured around town are Tripp Harrison, Simon Bull, and Cao Yong. Thomas Arvid is my personal favorite, though. I just can't get over how realistic his paintings are. Take a look at some of them... notice the reflections in the glass, the ripples and bubbles in the wine, and the awesome detail on the corks and wood. It loses a little of the impact when you only see it on the website, but in person the paintings are truely astonishing.

Anyway, that's all for now. Just felt like sharing one of my latest interests. Enjoy! (and comment if you're still reading my page! I feel so out of touch with everybody!)