Mar 22, 2004

the best...

I've come to the conclusion that everyone should be an Elementary Education major because you get to make pinwheels and sundials in your college classes! So fun! But don't let that fool you into thinking that I don't do any "real" work... unlike most of my friends, I will be working through most of my (very short) spring break this week. Activity files, practicum hours, etc, etc, etc. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few beach hours... and hopefully the weather is nice... it's windy and a little chilly today. Okay, so this is a completely random and completely useless post, much to the contrary of its deceptive title. Anyway, maybe some worthwhile information will appear in days to come. Until then, pinwheels and sundials.

Mar 21, 2004

the way i see it...

"Always use good grammar. It's like wearing designer clothing. People may not like your style, but they will pay attention to the cut of your cloth."

"Never have a long conversation with anyone who says between you and I."

--(Tallulah) from Up from Jericho Tel by E.L. Konigsburg
i tried...

I tried to put up a link to Greg's blog, but it has not been working for me. After many attempts, I have decided to compromise with my computer and just put up a link in a post. So here you go... this is the link to my friend Greg's blog. Let's hope it works!