Mar 5, 2005

the same...

I would like to say things are less hectic now, but they're not. I told Rob today that I was looking forward to next weekend, meaning that I couldn't wait till this coming week was over, but then I remembered that next weekend is College Weekend at church, and while I am looking forward to that, it also means that I will have an additional two days of busy-ness. For now, I am going to the EDGE for what will hopefully be a relaxing and fun time of worship. Later.

Mar 3, 2005


Life is CRAZY right now! Maybe one day things will calm down. All is well, though. God is still God, and He is good.

Mar 1, 2005

for niki...

This survey was created and posted by my buddie Niki. Some of the questions/answers will only make sense to her.

Mother’s maiden name: Manhart

Name of your first pet: Cindy was around when I was born, I think. (she was a beagle-mix) Sweetpea was the first one I claimed as my own, even though she started as my brother's. (she was just a mut... but a wonderful dog)

Do you like Mikhail Gorbachev?: i'm apathetic

If you didn’t know me would you think that I was weird?: no, i don't think so

If you were a character in Lord of The Rings who would you be?: one of those talking trees

Who did you vote for?: Bush

Favorite color: green

Stripes or dots: stripes, usually

Photo albums or frames: neither... currently either matted pictures or "loose" ones in a shoebox

Last song you listened to all the way through: whatever country song just finished on marci's radio

Favorite movie: Notting Hill

Last thing you said: can't remember. probably "Heidi Ricker just called you. I left her number on your desk."

Last thing you heard: the radio... country music... blah

Your name backwards: eelellehcimnagem (first, middle, and last all together)

Euthanasia. Is it murder?: i want to say yes, but i don't think i'm 100% convinced of that. i haven't thought about it in a long time.

If you could live anywhere where would it be?: right here, st.augustine

Best Friend: allison

Close second: krissy

Enemy: no one in particular

Future kids names: girls: Audrie Dyllan, Madylin Evette. boys: Peyton Brook, Owen Douglas

AIM or Yahoo: AIM, but i haven't used it in ages

Text or call: call, unless it's allie... we text all the time

Leather or Lace: neither, since i'm not a lace-type person, nor do i want to sound like i dress like a biker. i think i own one shirt with lace trim on it. i don't own leather, other than shoes, watches, and belts.

Is SpongeBob gay?: oh my gosh yes.

Middle name: Michelle

Birthday: September 16, 1983

What’s my birthday?: umm... is it in August??? now i feel bad.

What is my mother’s birthday?: i'm really not sure. i feel bad again.

What is my Father’s name?: oh i know this...... it starts with a D....

If I said EWB who/what would I be talking about?: ??? your cat Elvis? or is Elvis your dog anyway? i don't know.

Who is Lola?: your car! I got this one!

HTR?: ???

Favorite band: yours or mine? yours is Hanson. Mine is in a transitional phase.

Cell phone brand: the actual phone is Nokia

What time is it?: 2:44, according to the computer

What day is it?: tuesday

Where are you?: at work

If I said “Hand me the decator” what would you hand me?: umm... the remote control?

Dating?: yes

Will your wedding dress be white?: yes.

Should it be white?: yes

Should it be slightly off white?: no, but funny question nik!

Are you lying?: no

What color is my hair?: that depends... what day is it?! i'd say strawberry-blond, but sometimes just blond, sometimes light brown, sometimes reddish...

What color is your hair?: dark brown

Who is Moobassoc Ikin?: you. backwards.

Who is Mlehliw Einahpets?: Stephanie Wilhelm (a crazy, crazy girl)

Who said “May the tides of Stephanie be kind”?: i'm not sure, but i'd go with you or Rachel

How well do you know me?: not well enough to answer all of these questions, but well enough to guess the backwards names before even thinking about it

Pet peeve: the door that constantly slams in the stairwell at Flagler while I'm in the classroom adjacent to the stairwell; when people refuse to turn the knob in the shower far enough to make it stop dripping when they exit the shower... my room is only three feet away.

Next vacation: spring "break" if you can even call it that... we only get two days off of school... the 24th and 25th... i'm hoping to do something fun at least one of those days

Legolas or Aragorn: i'm not a fan enough to pick

Napoleon or Kip: ditto

Why isn’t it 4:45 yet?: because it's 2:52

Sneakers or Flip flops?: flops

Staple or Paperclip: staple, usually

Last book you read: hahahahahaha!

Last time you had chocolate milk: last thursday night

If you could eat dinner with anyone in history who would it be?: Jacqulin Kennedy

Dooney or Coach: neither

Favorite Blog: mine! haha. actually, i'd say niki's

Favorite Website: B&H photo

What did I just stop and do?: buy a diet coke?

Elvish?: no

What color is WS Mauve?: a putrid purplish pink, slightly darker than your average mauve. i'm making that up.

I seriously want some pizza rolls right now: sweet!

Whose picture is the screen saver on my cell phone?: stephanie?

What are you doing tonight? writing a rediculous paper for my curriculum class. i've procrastinated. and i've been busy.

High School: TCA

Hometown: J-ville

Favorite month: September

Favorite saying: "Solomon... you know." (from Rex) "Tuesday." (from Marti) "...because it's tuesday." (from Rob)

I literally feel sick to my stomach when I see Christians who willingly allow circumstances to get the best of them, when they suddenly begin acting rediculous in response to those circumstances. Here are the facts: life is tough and things WILL go badly sometimes. The thing is, you HAVE to GET OVER IT! You can't allow yourself to remain depressed over it or to act like a raging idiot just because you are still bothered by stuff that happened. And furthermore, you can't go making up scenarios and stating them as though they were fact simply in response to your emotions. My overall point is that Christians should act like Christ... no matter the circumstances. Regardless of whether you are happy or sad or encouraged or depressed or any other emotion, it is your God-given duty to represent Christ accurately. This includes the way you act, the way you speak to people, the words you use, the thoughts you think, the places you go, the activities in which you participate... everything. Live like Christ. That's what we're here for. Life is not about our satisfaction.