May 10, 2006


WE HAVE A HOUSE!!! YAY! So yeah, the condo we saw last night was just as fantastic as I thought it would be. The husband and wife who are renting it out (who are super nice) signed our application, so it's official now! We write a check and sign the lease on Thursday, and then I'll move in as soon as they're done with a few last minute maintanence things. We're sooo excited!

May 9, 2006

mint hot coco...

It's cool how God works. I've had the same conversation with several friends lately talking about how we wish God would just tell us what we're supposed to do or what's going to happen, and how we think that would make things a lot easier, but the reality is that God has a better plan than just telling us everything all at once. I mean, where's the fun in knowing what all your Christmas presents are before you open them? So Rob and I have been searching out different options of places to live over the past week, and on Thursday we went to look at a place that we were fairly confident was "the one." It's a condo in the Conquistador condos in the Shores. We had looked at one in "phase 1" that was much smaller, and when we saw this one, in "phase2," we immediately loved it. (Its only downside was the awful teal countertops in the kitchen.) I sent in the application information so the lady could check out our references and everything, and I'm fairly certain that we would have gotten it, were it not for the fact that she decided to rent it to her business partner's niece, or something, who is coming to college here. I found this out yesterday at 4:00, and I was really quite disappointed. And then I was kind of stressed because I was like "Great. Now we don't have anywhere to live. We have to start the search over again." I spent the last hour of my work day finding more rental listings online and making phone calls. I left work and drove by one place that I had been told about. On my drive I was praying: "Okay God, I'm giving this to You. I know You have something for us. I don't know what it is, but I know You have something. It's up to You, not up to me." So I looked at the one place, which was nothing special, and I drove home. All the way home and for a while after arriving there, I continued to make phone calls, mostly leaving voice mails for people. Finally, I came across a number and listing that I had written down last week. I don't recall if I had left a voice mail for this one, or if I somehow skipped it and never called, but anyway, I called it yesterday. It turns out that it is a condo in the same complex and same phase as the one we liked, which makes it cool already... but wait, there's more. The people who own this one are a husband and wife who lived in the condo themselves, but they found a house, so they are now renting out their condo. The cool part is that they do custom cabinetry, so they have replaced all the cabinets, put in marble countertops, and also put in hardwood floors and redone all the baseboards. (Please recall that the only downside of the other one was the countertops. Hmmmm.) So due to the upgrades, the rent is a little higher but still within our budget. And it'll be worth it, too. We plan on staying wherever we go for at least two years, so it would be nice for the place to be as nice as possible for a reasonable price. Anway, we should find out today if we get in there, but I feel really confident about it. And even if for some crazy reason this one falls through too, God has reminded me in the last 24 hours that His plans are bigger than mine, and I just need to trust Him. He's so good to me.

May 8, 2006

my abc's...

A) Is for age: 22

B) Is for beer of choice: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (one of the few I really enjoy)

C) Is for career: hopefully teaching

D) Is for your dog's name: Toby (but he lives at my parents' house)

E) Is for essential item you use/wear everyday: cell phone/keys&car/my calendar!

F) Is for favorite song at the moment: don't know... but favorite lyric at the moment is "use me up, and throw me away..."

G) Is for favorite games: balderdash

H) Is for Hometown: Jacksonville. I live in St. Augustine

I) Is for instruments you play: clarinet (I know... you're pretty jealous, aren't you)

J) Is for favorite flavor of juice: currently cranberry-blueberry

K) Is for kids: someday... 1-2

L) Is for the last girl you hugged? umm... Nena?

M) Is for marriage: IN 74 DAYS!!! YAY!!!

N) Is for name of your crush: Rob... I am marrying him, after all

O) Is for any overnight hospital stays: none

P) Is for phobias: umm... I don't like roaches at all... but it's not quite a phobia

Q) Is for quote: "Use your talents; they for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?"

R) Is for biggest regret: I don't think I really have any. I regret times I've spoken without thinking first and consequently hurt people.

S) Is for your status: counting down the days till marriage! (did I mention it's 74)

T) Is for the time you wake up: the alarm went off at 6:00... I woke up some time around 6:30

U) Is for your fav. underwear: I have lots of favs... it really depends on my mood... but I'm not likely to describe them here anyway

V) Is for the vegetable you love: broccoli! and I like asparagus too

W) Is for your worst habit: lack of sensitivity/compassion

X) Is for x-rays you've had: only my teeth I think

Y) Is for yummy food you make: chicken enchiladas... mmmmm!

Z) Is for your zodiac sign: Virgo