May 8, 2006

my abc's...

A) Is for age: 22

B) Is for beer of choice: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (one of the few I really enjoy)

C) Is for career: hopefully teaching

D) Is for your dog's name: Toby (but he lives at my parents' house)

E) Is for essential item you use/wear everyday: cell phone/keys&car/my calendar!

F) Is for favorite song at the moment: don't know... but favorite lyric at the moment is "use me up, and throw me away..."

G) Is for favorite games: balderdash

H) Is for Hometown: Jacksonville. I live in St. Augustine

I) Is for instruments you play: clarinet (I know... you're pretty jealous, aren't you)

J) Is for favorite flavor of juice: currently cranberry-blueberry

K) Is for kids: someday... 1-2

L) Is for the last girl you hugged? umm... Nena?

M) Is for marriage: IN 74 DAYS!!! YAY!!!

N) Is for name of your crush: Rob... I am marrying him, after all

O) Is for any overnight hospital stays: none

P) Is for phobias: umm... I don't like roaches at all... but it's not quite a phobia

Q) Is for quote: "Use your talents; they for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?"

R) Is for biggest regret: I don't think I really have any. I regret times I've spoken without thinking first and consequently hurt people.

S) Is for your status: counting down the days till marriage! (did I mention it's 74)

T) Is for the time you wake up: the alarm went off at 6:00... I woke up some time around 6:30

U) Is for your fav. underwear: I have lots of favs... it really depends on my mood... but I'm not likely to describe them here anyway

V) Is for the vegetable you love: broccoli! and I like asparagus too

W) Is for your worst habit: lack of sensitivity/compassion

X) Is for x-rays you've had: only my teeth I think

Y) Is for yummy food you make: chicken enchiladas... mmmmm!

Z) Is for your zodiac sign: Virgo

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