May 5, 2006

i love this man...

Rob and I had our engagement photos taken on Tuesday. It was really a lot of fun. My friend Brenna got married about a year ago (maybe a year and a half now) to a guy named Perry who is a photographer. I hadn't spoken to Brenna in quite a while, but we got back in touch with each other recently, and she informed me of her husband's profession when we were talking about my upcomming wedding. So I was able to meet him, and we decided to use him for our photos. Anyway, all that background info to tell you that Tuesday was a lot of fun because it was the four of us roaming around downtown, with Brenna acting as the "hair patrol" and Perry following us like the paparazzi. This photo is probably my favorite, but there's a whole bunch more where that came from. Here's a link to our favorites.

In other news, I caved today. I gave in to the pressure. I conformed. Yes, my friends, I am now (reluctantly) a member of Myspace. The main reason for this act of conformity was that I wanted to see the pictures that Rob posted this morning, but I couldn't see them without having an account. So here's the link: I will admit I did have fun designing my page, though. It's pretty cool, I think.

More pictures will surely be posed here soon. For now, enjoy the album I linked to.

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