Apr 22, 2004

time for change...

FINALS ARE OVER!!! We had "dockside Fusion" at Jayce's beach house tonight. It was cool. We had a really good turnout too. My strawberry lemonade was a big hit! I had to say my goodbyes to everyone tonight since I won't see them for four months. I'm way excited about Atlanta, but I will definitely miss everybody in St.Augustine. I look forward to August as much as I look forward to next week. Change is good but tough at the same time.

Peace out, my friends.
(for allie!)

oh where is superman when you need a helping hand?
don't look for wonder woman when trouble's really coming
and please don't count on batman when danger you must face
I highly recommend God's supernatural grace

Jesus walked on the water
God made a sidewalk through the sea
Jesus made instant wine

Apr 20, 2004

the rock...

there is a Rock
a solid Rock
a Rock we've built our lives upon
there is a Hope
a blessed Hope
and we now shout it to the world

(Allie, let me know if you remember the rest!)

we lift our hands in the sanctuary
we lift our hands to give You the glory
we lift our hands to give You the praise
and we will praise You for the rest of our days
we will praise You for the rest of our days

yes, Lord, for the rest of our days