Nov 15, 2005


Yesterday was the last day of my internship. Today is the first day that my 18 second-graders are at school and I am not. It's kind of weird. Yesterday was a great day though. My kids were super sweet... some of them brought little presents for me. (We also celebrated one of the kid's birthdays yesterday, which involved Krispy Kream donughts! That alone made it a great day!) After lunch, when we came back in the room, Judy had the table set up with a huge basket of stuff for me, flowers from the class, and a platter of cupcakes that spelled out "We'll miss you Ms. Lee". There was also a book that Judy had put together of writings the kids had done. They each wrote a letter to principals who will interview me... "Principals you meet along the way" Liam told me. They all started off something like "Dear Principal, You should hire Ms. Lee because..." They were really sweet. It's awesome reading the reasons that second-graders come up with as to why I'd make a good teacher. I think my two favorites were (1) "If your eraser is bad, she'll give you a new one" and (2) "She'll let someone take you to the bathroom while you're on the playground if you need to go." Those cracked me up. The rest mostly revolved around helping with math facts and spelling and computers. The book was definitely my favorite gift. Although the EZ-grader that was in my basket-full of stuff is a pretty close second! I was also way excited that I got two Starbucks gift cards. Anyway, that's the end of my story. As of now, I am unemployed, but I should be set in a day or two for substituting. That'll be a day-to-day thing until January when I'll long-term-sub for 6 weeks. After that, I'm claiming the promise that God has a job in store for me and that I'll be hired to teach in August.

I'm looking forward to this weekend: Friday night is the Nickle Creek concert in Orlando. From there, Rob and I will drive the rest of the way to Ft.Lauderdale and spend the night at his parents'. Saturday is the Miami v. Georgia Tech game that we are going to. Sunday is mine and Rob's one-year anneversary, so we plan to spend the day at Islands of Adventure. All in all, it should be a great time.

That's all for now. Tune in next time for another episode of Meg's Life.