Jun 5, 2004

new likes...

I think my new preference in cars is the Honda CRV. I see them all over the place here. And after driving Marti's Forerunner, I think I could definitely like that size car. But the new CRVs have really dorky looking tail lights. They're long and skinny and run from the top of the car down to the bumper. The older ones aren't like that. So in that respect, I like the old ones better. I still like the Honda Civic pretty well though, and wouldn't be at all disappointed with one of those!

I like singing in the choir at First Baptist Woodstock. When I came here I thought there was a chance it wouldn't be "up to par" with what I was used to, but it's pretty awesome. I'm enjoying it.

Lastly, I really like Canton quite a bit. It's being added to my list of potential places to live after college. Don't worry, though... I'm not completely sold on moving here just yet. I love St. Augustine way too much to decide this early. There's several factors I will have to weigh before making a decision, but I have a good year and a half to decide.

Well, that's all for now. I'm not sure why I posted this stuff... I just wanted something to write about! Stay tuned!

Jun 2, 2004

Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light)...

Hail Gladdening Light
Of His pure glory poured
Who is the Immortal Father, Heavenly Blest
Holiest Of Holies, Jesus Christ our Lord

Now we are come to the sun's hour of rest
The lights of evening 'round us shine
We hymn the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Divine

Worthiest art Thou, at all times to be sung
With undefiled tongue
Son of our God, Giver of life alone
Therefore, in all the world Thy glories Lord
Thine own

"As early as the 4th Century, Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light) was already considered ancient, being a mainstay of evening prayers in a tradition known as the lighting of the lamps. At that time in Jerusalem, a candle was kept perpetually burning in the empty tomb of Christ, its glow a symbol of the living light of Jesus. As Christians gathered to worship, the candle was brought forth from the tomb, it's bright, solitary flame calling the church to celebrate the Risen Lord. Phos Hilaron literally means 'hilarious light,' especially meaningful given that this hymn was probably sung in the catacombs by the earliest Church."

--from the Passion "Hymns" CD

*At the latest Passion concerts they do something similar to the lighting of the lamps while this hymn is read by the entire congregation. It's pretty incredible!
what i thought i wanted...
by Sara Groves

Tuxedo in the closet, gold band in a box / Two days from the alter she went and called the whole thing off / What he thought he wanted, what he got instead / Leaves him broken yet grateful // I passed understanding a long, long time ago / And the simple home of systems and answers we all know / What I thought I wanted, what I got instead / Leaves me broken and somehow peaceful // I keep wanting you to be fair / But that's not what you said / I want certain answers to these prayers / But that's not what you said // When I get to heaven I wanna go find Job / I want to ask a few hard questions, I wanna know what he know / About what it is he wanted and what he got instead / How to be broken yet faithful // What I thought I wanted / What I thought I wanted / What I thought I wanted / What I thought I wanted // Staring in the water like Aesop's foolish dog / I can't help but reflect on what it was I almost lost / What I thought I wanted, what I got instead / Leaves me broken and grateful // I'm broken and grateful / I want to be grateful, peaceful, thankful, faithful, grateful //