Aug 2, 2004


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"Paths are not made for walking, but by walking."

Aug 1, 2004

God rocks!

I feel that confession is the first step in making progress in our Christian lives. Since posting the other day about my lack of faithfulness, I have had the opportunity to talk to two other people about it and get some feedback. That alone has made it easer for me the past several days. In addition, I know that they are praying for me, so their intercession on my behalf is making a difference, also. Speaking of feedback, I was able to talk to two friends (seperately) the other night online, and we had some awesome conversations about serious matters. It's really cool how God teaches us stuff in our personal lives and then we have the opportunity to use what we've learned to help someone else in whatever they're going through. It's also cool how it's not just a one-way thing. If two people are both growing individually with God, they can both offer sound advice to one another, rather than only one giving and only one receiving the advice. That, I think, is what was so awesome to me the other night. In one of the conversations, we both shared our struggles with each other. I was able to share some wisdom with her about her issue, and she was able to share some wisdom with me about mine. I've been in friendships before where things always seemed more one-way. Either I'm pouring myself out into someone and feel like I'm getting nothing back, or I'm the receiver and feel like I have nothing to give back. These relationships happen for a reason, but sometimes they are tough. But then, God blesses us with friendships which are constantly flowing back and forth in both directions, and it's just flat incredible. Even the thought that God would care enough about us to make sure we are provided with friends we "click" with is so cool. It blows me away that He cares that much for each of us. I serve an AWESOME God. And I'm so thankful for it.