Nov 10, 2005

try it...

After being inspired by Rob, I made a quiz about myself for all of you to take. Marilyn recommended that I use this website, so here's the link. It should work... and the link should take you straight to my quiz. Give it a try!

meg's quiz
music fills the air...

This fall seems to be the time of concerts for me. Rob and I have many on our calender. We've already done Death Cab for Cutie on October 30, and Copeland on November 6. They were both really good! Death Cab was at the Hard Rock in Orlando, which is a nice large venue. We had lots of fun with Rob's friends from UCF. Copeland, which I've seen once before, was at The Social, also in Orlando. I really like The Social. Cool atmosphere. Ryan and "Bone" joined us that night. Earlier in the evening, we stopped in at Nate's engagement party (sorry, can't remember her name... I'm bad about that... and I've met her several times!). On the 18th Rob and I will see Nickle Creek, which I'm really very excited about. The Thursday night concert in Jacksonville was already sold out, so we'll be in Orlando on Friday yet again. That should be a really fun weekend... Friday is the concert, from where we will continue on to Ft.Lauderdale and spend the weekend. Sunday Rob and I will have our One Year anneversary and will hopefully be able to spend the day at Islands of Adventure. The final concert on our calender (for now) will be Allison Crause in December (is that how you spell her name?). After that, who knows. The "holiday season" will certainly be a busy one though.

That's all for now. I'm excited to say that I have tomorrow off! LONG WEEKEND!!