Jun 16, 2005


Yeah, I haven't written in nearly a week because I've been lying on my couch wishing someone would shoot me and put me out of my misery. I started getting a soar throat last Thursday, but as I am prone to allergy problems, I tried to wait it out for a few days while taking allergy medicine to see if I would get better. But alas, I did not. It got worse and worse, until Tuesday morning I woke up knowing that I needed to see a doctor or my throat was going to close up and I would die in my sleep (okay, maybe a little over-dramatic). So I called my mom to find out which doctors I could see in St.Augustine that would be covered by my insurance. From this initial phone call of the morning, talking was far too much of a chore. I struggled to make my words comprehensible. I was miserable already, but I proceeded to spend the majority of the day making a rediculous amount of phone calls. Mom gave me several doctors to call. I called them and either they didn't take my insurance or weren't taking new patients or whatever. I was frustrated. I called Mom back and she gave me more names. I called them. After a few more with no luck, and one that couldn't see me for possibly 48 hours, I finally found one who could get me in that afternoon. I was relieved. So I went to my appointment, and after sitting in the wating room for nearly an hour, the receptionist called me up to the desk to tell me that she had called my insurance company and that my coverage had been terminated last September. I'm supposed to be covered until I graduate. So I called my mom, who called the insurance company. Turns out it is our responsibility to inform my dad's work each semester that I am in fact still a full time student. They, in turn, are supposed to inform the insurance company. We were unaware of any of this. So I couldn't use my insurance, had to pay for the doctor's visit, and for my prescription. It was crazy. So to wrap up this long story, I'm on an antibiodic for now and waiting to see if it helps. The results from my thraot culture should be back tomorrow, so if anything is wrong, they will give me a call. So far, improvement in the way I feel has been slow. I think I'm starting to feel a little better today. It's hard to say because the pain sort of shifts from one place to another. First my tonsils, then my ears, then I just can't swallow. But for the moment, other than being rediculously congested, I feel relatively okay.

Sorry for this being a complaint post. This has been my week. I'm fairly confident I'll start getting better soon. Until then, more movies, soup, and advil.