Jun 12, 2003

So, work is good. I like the fast-pace so far and I work with some really great people. There's A LOT to remember when you're first learning it, though, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it really soon. Long day yesterday: VBS, work, church, and Tina and Danny's house. I skipped out on VBS today. I'm going back tomorrow, though. Nothing else really to post about right now. Sorry. I'll try to be more interesting in days to come. Later.

Jun 10, 2003

"We judge too much in the disputable matters, without standing firm nearly enough on those matters that God is clear about. We might turn a blind eye to an affair in the congregation, but watch out if you walk in full of tattoos."

A guy wrote this in a post on his sight a few days ago. Something to think about.
Okay, nobody gave me any feedback when I asked about devotional journals a few days ago. Have you guys never used one you liked? No interesting commentaries? No wonderfully laid out programs? Fine. I'll just find my own then! Who cares what you think anyway? (JK, I care! You can still leave a comment if you feel so inclined!)
ugh... I just typed up a post but then it got deleted. here goes round two.

Here's a recap of my weekend: my dad and I dropped my car off at the mechanic for it to be checked out one last time. It was dropped off Saturday evening, but they said they couldn't get to it till Sunday, which was fine. Sunday afternoon we had not heard from them, so we gave them a call. Turns out the mechanic who was supposed to work on my car forgot that he wouldn't be coming in to work on Sunday. Okay, honest mistake, he had to drive his daughter to Gainesville or something. So, we were told my car would be worked on first thing Monday morning. By the middle of the day on Monday we still had not heard from them, so my mom called.... THEY LOST MY KEY!!!!! So, needless to say, my car had still not been worked on! We brought them another key and by the end of the afternoon my car was finally fixed. And yes, they gave us a discount for all the trouble. They're supposed to call if/when my key turns up, but we haven't heard from them yet.

In other news, I've been working in the nursery for VBS this week. I love it! I spent most of yesterday with Ethan who's about 3 months old, and most of today with Madison who's 1. Both of them are angels! Tina tells me I need to get all my baby-lovin' out now cause I don't need one for quite a while. Not like I had planned on it or anything! Even if I rush my "life-plans" a little, that still gives me a good 5 years before I would even think about it. Anyway, that about concludes this dramatic episode of Life with Megan. Tune in tomorrow for updates on cashier training at work! Later!

Jun 8, 2003

This morning we (the choir) sang a song called "It's Still the Cross." What an incredible message. It talks about how things in life may change, like public opinion and social whims, yet the message of Christ remains the same. The chorus says, "It's still the cross, it's still the blood of Calvary that cleanses sin and sets the captive free. It's still the name- the name of Jesus that has power to save the lost. It's still the cross." How good to know that no matter what new opinion or trend may come along Christ is faithful and unchanging. He doesn't suddenly decide that there's a new way that you must come to Him; the way is always the same- through Christ alone can we approach the Father. That reminds me of another song called "Paid in Full." I wouldn't normally quote two songs at once, but this one has a great message, too, so here it is.

see our Savior hung between two thieves
hear the soldiers mock His name
see his followers as they cry in disbelief
"this could not be the reason why He came"
see Him realize His life is through
and feel the love burn from His eyes
behold the temple veil as it is torn in two
and hear the One on Calvary as He cries...

paid in full, I've done the work I came to do
paid in full, I've paid love's final price for you
when all hell tries to tell you that you'll never win
just remember that the debt for your sin is paid in full

see His children torn between two ways
some still choose to mock His name
hear His followers now as they can boldly say,
"we are the reason that He came"
see the ones who trust themselves alone
to do what only Christ can do
and hear the words that He still calls to you...