Jun 10, 2003

ugh... I just typed up a post but then it got deleted. here goes round two.

Here's a recap of my weekend: my dad and I dropped my car off at the mechanic for it to be checked out one last time. It was dropped off Saturday evening, but they said they couldn't get to it till Sunday, which was fine. Sunday afternoon we had not heard from them, so we gave them a call. Turns out the mechanic who was supposed to work on my car forgot that he wouldn't be coming in to work on Sunday. Okay, honest mistake, he had to drive his daughter to Gainesville or something. So, we were told my car would be worked on first thing Monday morning. By the middle of the day on Monday we still had not heard from them, so my mom called.... THEY LOST MY KEY!!!!! So, needless to say, my car had still not been worked on! We brought them another key and by the end of the afternoon my car was finally fixed. And yes, they gave us a discount for all the trouble. They're supposed to call if/when my key turns up, but we haven't heard from them yet.

In other news, I've been working in the nursery for VBS this week. I love it! I spent most of yesterday with Ethan who's about 3 months old, and most of today with Madison who's 1. Both of them are angels! Tina tells me I need to get all my baby-lovin' out now cause I don't need one for quite a while. Not like I had planned on it or anything! Even if I rush my "life-plans" a little, that still gives me a good 5 years before I would even think about it. Anyway, that about concludes this dramatic episode of Life with Megan. Tune in tomorrow for updates on cashier training at work! Later!

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