Sep 10, 2005

all things new...

Well, school's going well. I absolutely love my kids. They drive me crazy sometimes, but they really are incredible. I'm honestly surprised sometimes at how much I love teaching. Before starting my internship, I would feel uneasy every now and again about whether or not I really wanted to teach. But now that I'm in it, I really do love it. It's kind of weird.

Last night Rob took me to Rock the Universe, which was a blast. We went with several other people from church, and it was really a good time. We only wathced David Crowder Band, and then we rode the few rides that were open still (namely the Mummy, which was pretty good actually), but Crowder was worth the drive. Granted that's the band that I've seen the most, and I've already seen them a couple of times this year, but they are always so good. I'm so excited about the new album coming out this month, too! They played one of the new songs last night, and if everything on the album is that good, it'll be way fun.

So Friday's the big 22 for me. Normally, I'd say "that's weird," but honestly this time it's not. I guess sometime in the past year I just sort of started feeling like rather than being 21 I was "almost 22" so actually turning 22 now isn't much of a big deal. And it's not like anything changes at 22. 25 will be the next "big" birthday. Lower car insurance, able to rent a car, etc. Anyway, all that random information for nothing, except to say that my birthday's coming up. When my kids found out, the first thing they wanted to know was "what are you bringing?!" because the kids always bring cupcakes on their birthdays. I think I'll treat them to ice cream sandwiches.

I got to see my family last Monday for Labor day. While I was really looking forward to seeing Cody, I think my favorite was being able to see my newest neice Allison. She's so perfect. And pretty. Most babies are cute, but she's just really pretty. And she's happy. I love happy babies. I'm really looking forward to watching her grow up. And I'm really impressed with Amy and David as parents. They're so cute. It's so clear that she is absolutely the center of their world. I love it.

Well, back to the Texas v. Ohio football game. I'm admittedly not a huge sports fan, but I really don't mind watching football. And I figure if I stick with watching it, I might actually learn something about the game, as I really only understand the basics. At least I realize that the yellow line doesn't really show up on the field. C'mon girls, that makes us look really bad.

That's it for the night. Hope everyone has a good week.