May 5, 2005


Happy Cinco de Mayo! I would have said the whole greeting in Spanish, but I couldn't remember what the word for "happy" was and neither Christina nor Erica is here to ask. Speaking of which, Erica is with the group from church in Mexico right now. How cool to be in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo! Well I think it's cool anyway. I'm looking forward to Phil and Tracy's party tonight. It should be lots of fun. It's at Habana Village Cafe, which I think is more Spanish (as in Spain) than Mexican, but that's close enough I suppose. I don't think there's really any true Mexican places around town anyway. I would say I'm looking forward to a nice Sangria as well, but I'm not sure how the crowd that will be there tonight feels about such things, so maybe that will wait until another time. I'm sure the menu is all wonderfully planned out anyway.

It's been raining for the past... oh I'd say 36 hours. I am, consequently, thoroughly unmotivated to do anything at all. I do, however, like how the leaves of the tree outside our window twitch when impacted by the raindrops. It's interesting. It's not as though I have by any means had a lack of sleep this week, but all I want to do when it rains is sleep. I'll try reading instead. I have 40 pages left. I'll finish today.

For those who didn't get the official memo, this is David Crowder's blog. (also linked on the side as "rock you like a hurricane") As much as I love David Crowder, I wanted to check it out a few times before I really avidly recommended it, but I have now and it is indeed worth-while. So if you're a fan, or if you're into the technical stuff that goes into recording music, or if you're just bored, check it out. He even talks about Bhor's model of the atom, although I'm not quite sure why. To be expected, I suppose.

That is all for now. More to come later, I am sure.

May 4, 2005


He was not looking at her, but he had a perspiring radiance that I attributed to his being so near to her.

Cat's Cradle
big deal...

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I am nearing what is possibly one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. Yesterday I began reading Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle and completed half of it. If I follow in a similar fashion today, I may very well finish a book in only two days! That will be monumentus as it will be a first for me. Even if I don't finish today, the mere fact that I read half a book in one day is huge in my world! Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement. (Sorry for the tiny picture.) Later.

May 3, 2005


I think I've decided on what I'm talking about tomorrow night. Unless, of course, God has something else in mind that He drops in my lap by tomorrow. But I finally feel fairly confident about the topic. It's a combination of the two I mentioned in a previous post. I had one idea all planned out and everything already, but I just didn't feel any peace about it, so I went out to the porch today and read through stuff again, and it finally came together. Speaking of the porch, the weather these days is just incredible! I wish it would stay just like this.

Looking forward to:
1. Fusion on Wednesday
2. Phil and Tracy's Cinco de Mayo rehearsal dinner on Thursday
3. Phil and Tracy's wedding on Friday
4. The Edge on Saturday
5. Mother's Day on Sunday

For all those who enjoy reading funny things online, the onion is a satire-type magazine that my quirky-yet-loveable new roommate Marilyn suggested to me. You might enjoy.

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So I don't think I've officially posted about the following, so I will now. I get to go to NYC in just a few weeks with the youth choir at my church. My friend Kathy was supposed to go as a chaperone, but she couldn't because of her work, so she asked me to go in her place! How awesome is that! I've been to NYC twice before, but I'm still really excited to go. Not so sure about the train ride, though. That's the way we traveled last year and it was miserable, but I'm hoping things will be different with a big group of people rather than just four of us. It'll probably be like any long bus trip I've been on, so I guess that's not too bad. I do really wish we were flying though. I've only gone on one trip in my entire life that required flying, but I LOVED it. Anyway, I talked to Mrs. Donna yesterday (the director of the youth choir, and Phil's mom for those who know him) and she wants to do a service project where we bring shoe boxes of small gifts to the Police and Fire Departments in NY, so I'm now in charge of getting those together before the trip. And, during my conversation with Mrs. Donna, she was sure once again to throw in a comment about her seemingly-overwhelming desire for Rob and I to get married! (The first time she told me that was the first day I met her! But that's just how she is.) Funny to me how if two people meet, start dating, and after only five months decide to get married (get engaged) people are like "oh my gosh! can you believe that?! they've only been together five month!" But then you have two people who don't jump right on that let's-get-married-even-though-we've-only-been-together-five-months bandwagon and people continually make the suggestion that they should. Am I the only one that sees the irony in this? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that so many people think it's a good idea for me and Rob, but the irony of it is just funny to me. Anyway, that was my random tangent of the day! I'm going to go finish my smoothie that I made and see what productive things I can do today while I am still unemployed. Later!

May 2, 2005

happy may...

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random thoughts of today...

I am in love with... Rob Stone. Crazy in love. I had a wonderful time visiting the pier yesterday. Very redemptive after watching Family Guy ;)

I am encouraged by... many things, but specifically right now my good ol' friend Quinn and his new blog. Lots of good stuff to read. Also encouraged by studying Ephesians currently. It's awesome. I like when I get to lead Bible study because I get deeper into the scriptures we're looking at. Also encouraged by Louie Giglio. I've been listening to a sermon series of his in my car this week instead of music. What a communicator of God's message!

I am praying for... my girls and everyone else who is on mission in Mexico this week. I know God is using them in huge ways.

I am committing to... being healthier. I am giving up sugar (for a while), and have been several days without it thus-far. (Yes, the sugar-free ice cream at Cold Stone is a reasonable substitute.) I plan to shop and eat healthier in as many ways as possible.

I am waiting on... the job God has for me for the summer. I had an interview today with a staffing agency, and I hope to hear from them with a job placement in a day or two.

I am preparing for... Wednesday night when I am speaking at Fusion. Thoughts are still whirling around in my head, but as of right now, the plan is for me to speak on Christians being the "stones" of the temple of God built upon Christ the cornerstone. (See Ephesians 2:19-22) But we all know how plans go... they really don't matter because it's all up to God! I may incorporate something about grace compelling us to do good works, as that was my first idea, but I may not. We'll see.

I am..... hungry. So I'm going now. Peace out!