May 3, 2005


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So I don't think I've officially posted about the following, so I will now. I get to go to NYC in just a few weeks with the youth choir at my church. My friend Kathy was supposed to go as a chaperone, but she couldn't because of her work, so she asked me to go in her place! How awesome is that! I've been to NYC twice before, but I'm still really excited to go. Not so sure about the train ride, though. That's the way we traveled last year and it was miserable, but I'm hoping things will be different with a big group of people rather than just four of us. It'll probably be like any long bus trip I've been on, so I guess that's not too bad. I do really wish we were flying though. I've only gone on one trip in my entire life that required flying, but I LOVED it. Anyway, I talked to Mrs. Donna yesterday (the director of the youth choir, and Phil's mom for those who know him) and she wants to do a service project where we bring shoe boxes of small gifts to the Police and Fire Departments in NY, so I'm now in charge of getting those together before the trip. And, during my conversation with Mrs. Donna, she was sure once again to throw in a comment about her seemingly-overwhelming desire for Rob and I to get married! (The first time she told me that was the first day I met her! But that's just how she is.) Funny to me how if two people meet, start dating, and after only five months decide to get married (get engaged) people are like "oh my gosh! can you believe that?! they've only been together five month!" But then you have two people who don't jump right on that let's-get-married-even-though-we've-only-been-together-five-months bandwagon and people continually make the suggestion that they should. Am I the only one that sees the irony in this? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that so many people think it's a good idea for me and Rob, but the irony of it is just funny to me. Anyway, that was my random tangent of the day! I'm going to go finish my smoothie that I made and see what productive things I can do today while I am still unemployed. Later!

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