Mar 1, 2005


I literally feel sick to my stomach when I see Christians who willingly allow circumstances to get the best of them, when they suddenly begin acting rediculous in response to those circumstances. Here are the facts: life is tough and things WILL go badly sometimes. The thing is, you HAVE to GET OVER IT! You can't allow yourself to remain depressed over it or to act like a raging idiot just because you are still bothered by stuff that happened. And furthermore, you can't go making up scenarios and stating them as though they were fact simply in response to your emotions. My overall point is that Christians should act like Christ... no matter the circumstances. Regardless of whether you are happy or sad or encouraged or depressed or any other emotion, it is your God-given duty to represent Christ accurately. This includes the way you act, the way you speak to people, the words you use, the thoughts you think, the places you go, the activities in which you participate... everything. Live like Christ. That's what we're here for. Life is not about our satisfaction.

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