Feb 24, 2005


So, here I sit in the library, waiting for my group to show up for our group meeting. One of the four of us already wasn't able to come, but I am highly doubting if the others show up either. The guy wasn't in class yesterday, so the last time we even saw him was last Friday, so I can't say I could blame him if he forgets. The girl works till 8:00, so I also would not be surprised if she forgets. So that leaves me. The one who always shows up for group meetings and waits and waits when the other members forget to come. This is at least the fourth time this has happened, but thankfully not with the same group. I would say I'm thoroughly annoyed, but I really am not in the mood for a meeting anyway, so I can't say that I would be completely crushed if I just had to go home. Besides, I drove here rather than walking anyway, so it's not like I would be expending much extra energy. It has been 15 minutes... can I leave yet? I guess I'll give it another five. Or at least time enough to finish this post. Wait... the guy's here now. I guess I have to at least talk it over for a minute. It still doesn't look like I'll be here long.

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