Jun 10, 2005

good stuff...

So here's a few points of cool news that I thought I'd share with you today. First, I helped Rob rearrange his place last night (it looks pretty good, if I may say so) in preperation for the good news of today, which is that Kyle and Holly are moving down today. Kyle will be staying with Rob for about a month and a half, and Holly will be staying with Kathy in her new house (I'm not sure for how long). It'll be nice to have our Holly back after a year of her being away, and Kyle will be a nice addition to our group, as well. Other cool news (indirectly, as it doesn't affect me at all) Krissy's friend, whose name I forget, stopped by the house yesterday to inform Krissy that she recently found out she's pregnant. It's cool to see the utter excitement and joy that a new-mom-to-be experiences. Lastly, I start working at an art gallery downtown on Monday. Mullet Beach gallery... as in the fish, not the hair style. I wish I had thought to go talk to the lady sooner. I had spoken with her over winter break and was going to work for her then, but our schedules didn't work out, and then Greg informed me the other day that she was still looking for someone to work for her for the summer. Until he mentioned it, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. So I stopped in yesterday, but the owner wasn't there, so I went back today. Our conversation was basically,
"Hi, I'm Megan. We spoke before. Do you still need some help for the summer?"
"Yes, I could use someone 3-4 days a week. When can you start?"
"Okay, see you Monday at 11:00."

I left out a few details, but that's about how quickly I got the job. That beats the heck out of this stupid interview I've been waiting for. Sure, the other job would have been more hours and better pay, but they keep putting me off again and again, so I'm not making any money sitting around waiting on them.

So that's all the news. Tonight Rob and I are making dinner for Holly and Kyle, and then there's Continuation at my house. I'm looking forward to Continuation tonight because last night as I was doing my quiet time I asked God to show me what we should focus on tonight, and the scripture I read seems really appropriate for our group and current situations. I think it's a word we could all use right now, so hopefully it is received well and God uses it. I'm confident He will. His Word never returns void.

Grace and Peace.

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