Apr 27, 2006

no one's home...

I wish I was home today... for a number of reasons, but at the moment because I would like to post some fun pictures or something, but alas, I have none here with me. So in leiu of a personally interesting picture, here's a totally random one.
I also wish I was home so I could finish settling into my new room. Technically, I'm settled in, but while I'm on the packing-and-cleaning kick, I'd like to organize the stuff that I will still need for the next month. As of now, it's all a little haphazard. "Oh, I'll just stick this over here in this corner for now because that's where it fits." You know. Another good reason to be home is so my landlord can come by and check out the place in the ceiling that has leaked during every rainstorm for the past year that I have finally gotten around to calling about. Hopefully she can either let herself in today, or she can come by after I'm off work. She said she'll get back with me today, but I haven't heard from her yet. I'm hoping she doesn't forget. She doesn't have the best track record. She did return my message this morning though, so that's one point for her. Also if I were home, I would be sleeping. I've not exactly been "deprived" of sleep lately, but I do feel that I could use a little more. Realistically I always feel like that I guess. I'm probably deficient of some vitamin or mineral or something. I never feel any different even when I'm taking vitamins regularly, though. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I just think about it too much. Anyway. So all in all, I would have liked to have spent the day at home. That's all I was saying. Oh, and there's new people moving in... one today and one tomorrow I think. And Krissy and Marilyn are probably almost in DC by now and will be gone the remainder of the week. So for now, no one's home.

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