Aug 13, 2005

the saga continues...

Today was my first official "Saturday in the life of a teacher." I spent most of the morning (well, I guess it was really mid-day) planning out my lessons for next week. (I'll be teaching math this week. It'll be fun.) Realistically, planning lessons for 2nd grade math isn't that hard, but since I'm doing my internship, I have to do all this really detailed crap for my portfolio proving that I am capable of writing lesson plans and all that, so for the remaining 13 weeks it will be more complex than in real life. I guess it's better to be over-prepared though, rather than under-prepared.

Tonight and tomorrow morning the Sign Choir will be doing our song (Shackles) again for church. We did it last week at the Edge, and it was a lot of fun.

That's all the random information about this week that I can really think of for now. In my next post (whenever that may occur) I'll tell you about some stuff I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks. Until then, live well and take care! Grace and Peace!

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