Aug 27, 2005

it's been a while...

Sorry for the lack of posting recently. Life has just been too busy. I am in my... third week of teaching, I think. It's going really well. I love second grade. I've been teaching math primarily, and just helping out with everything else that goes on in the classroom.

Last weekend was the Fusion leadership retreat that has become an annual event for the month of August. We stayed in town this year, which worked out way better than I expected. I just keep being amazed by the awesome people I get to work along-side in ministry. I am so blessed.

This weekend I am in Ft.Lauderdale with Rob visiting his family for his dad's birthday. It's always a good time here. The Stone family is full of wonderful people and I really enjoy being around them.

This week Fusion is making the move to Thursday nights at 8:00, which is such a blessing. Being late at night didn't bother me when I was just in classes at Flagler, especially when I lived in the dorms, because I never had to wake up rediculously early on Thursdays. But now that I have to BE AT SCHOOL at 7:30, and now that "school" is not a two minute walk from my bedroom, it's way harder! This will be a welcomed change.

A week from Monday is Labor Day, which means the annual gathering of millions (almost) of my family members, most of whom I really don't know, or at least not all that well. I am actually looking forward to it. Family gatherings are much more interesting to me as an "adult" than they were when I was a kid.

Other events of September include Rob moving to a new apartment, Rock the Universe, and my birthday. The remaining days of August seem rather uneventful. I am looking forward to the next weekend that I have absolutely nothing to do. That, too, will be a welcomed change!

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