Jan 10, 2004

the end...

I have worked my last day for Old Navy. It's been good, but I'm pretty glad I'm done. Retail is tough! I don't plan on having any future jobs in the industry. Speaking of future jobs, I was talking with my mom yesterday and I was like "How in the world do people ever decide what they want to do with their lives?" and the basic conclusion that I got from her was that people just do what makes money, and nobody ever really gets a job they love or even one they have dreamed about. That's depressing. It's my goal to enter into a career that I love that can also support me, but I haven't quite decided what that is yet. I have come upon one pretty cool opportunity, however. I'm probably going to stay the summer in Atlanta and work with Rex and Marti in their furniture shop! I'm really excited about that. We haven't worked out all the little details yet, but it is looking more and more like a definite possibility. I'll most likely be working on the "finishing" portion of the furniture-making, like staining and varnishing the wood and checking over last-minute details. Maybe that sounds boring to some people, but I really think I'll enjoy it. I've always been into stuff like that anyway.

Summer's still a while away. Current plans are to pack up this weekend to get ready to move back to school on Tuesday. I'm so ready to be back! According to my tentative schedule, I should have all the classes I signed up for, which is good. I'm to the point now that if I don't get exactly what I signed up for, it could possibly throw everything off. I've got a little extra space in my final semester of classes though, so hopefully that will be like a buffer if anything gets thrown off. I have the feeling I'll be INCREDIBLY busy this semester with my 18 credit hours and two seperate practicums. If you don't hear from me often, that's probably why! Anyway, for now I need to get to bed for church in the morning. Sweet dreams!

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