May 11, 2004

the furniture business...

I learned to stain today. I've been waxing up until this point. Staining is easy. Waxing isn't hard, but there's a lot less work involved in staining. I did a nice kitchen table. It was beautiful.

Nobody cares, do you? That's okay.

Not much else to report currently, except that church was awesome this week. Guy named Bryan taught in Sunday school and he was really good. The pastor's son-in-law spoke in church, and he was really good, too. I think I'm going to enjoy my 3 1/2 months there. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to "The Brink" tomorrow night, which is their Wednesday night college thing, similar to Fusion that I'm used to.

Just found out that Marti and I don't have to go into the shop tomorrow after all. We thought we would because it's a busy week, but we don't! Which means that we can go to the Bible study that meets in the neighborhood. Cool. Stay tuned.

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