Jul 17, 2004

new things...
First off, I get all used to the way Blogger is set up for me to publish my blog, and they go and change it completely.  But it'll be fine.  Secondly, lots of news from yesterday.  Abbey got her cast off her foot after six weeks.  Marti suddenly had to turn her car back in because the barter deal for it didn't work out the way they had planned, so the Briant family is back to one automobile for a while.  (A new one is in the works, however.)  So I went to pick up Marti and Abbey yesterday when they turned in the car, and then we took Abbey for her long-awaited pedicure, which was her "treat" after getting her cast off.  Marti and I got pedicures, as well, which was my very first one ever!  It was fun.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about somebody messing with my feet, but it was nice.  And now I have super cute orange-sherbert-colored piggies with nifty white flowers on the big toes.
The Briants are leaving for the week, so I'm gonna have the house to myself for a while.  Rex is heading to Brasil today, and Matt, Alyssa, and Abbey are going to Dallas to stay with their uncle.  Marti and Ashley are leaving for Brasil on Sunday.  After that, it's just me for more than a week.  Well, me and Solomon the dog.  Not sure what exactly I'm going to do to keep myself occupied after work.  I'll figure something out.
Well, for now I'm off to make a smoothie before going to the airport.  Later.

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