Jul 1, 2004


I can't believe it's July already! Time flies! And I just came to realize a few minutes ago how seldom my posts have become, and often equally worthless! To those who still read, I apologize! Once again, I really have nothing to talk about, so I'll just give some updates on what's been happening. Last Friday was Matt's 15th birthday, and Rick and Monica's baby was born on the same day. His name is Jonathan Blake and will go by Blake. Seems odd to me that his name is Jonathan because that's Rick's middle name and he hates it! Anyway, it was cool that he was born on Matt's birthday because Marti told Rick and Monica that he would be. Now she's trying to convince them that she's right about them having a fourth child! (Blake is the third.) Monday was Marti's birthday, and after visiting three grocery stores, I finally was able to find the kind of ice cream cake that we had planned on getting. It was worth it! For her birthday, Rex and the kids bought her a Cannon Rebel camera to replace the one she gave to the missionaries in France. That was cool. I got her sour gummie worms and cotton candy... two of her favorite things! As for this week, Rex has sinusitus and he's gotten me sick as well. He's on antibiotics, but I'm surviving with some cold medicine so far. Hopefully we'll all get better instead of worse. Yesterday was fun because I went to the thrift store (again) with Marti and I got a bunch of good children's books for really cheap. (I'm starting my collection for my classroom.) I paid the price of like one new hardback book and got 19 books! I had already gotten like 4 others the last time I went, plus this lady at a garage sale gave me a whole big box of books... those were the little ones that I would give out to students or something. But anyway, it's been really cool to get all those books for so cheap. The only other new news is that I got my room back because Marti's parents left on Tuesday. It was fun having them here, but I'm definitely grateful to have my own room again, rather than shifting from one room to the other based on who had overnight guests! The cool thing is that now the basement is completely furnished, so I get to enjoy it. There's only a few things missing... kitchen cabnets/counter, some doors, a closet... but most of it is done and is really nice. I'm supposed to be starting (leading) a Bible study with the girls this week on Ruth, but that may get postponed another week. I'm looking forward to it, but I don't think I'm prepared enough yet. I need to do some more reading today and get organized. I think I'll go do that now. Have a great week! Later.

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