Aug 9, 2004

nine days/five days...

The summer has flown by! In a mere nine days, I will be returning to Florida. I am SOOOO excited! I can't wait to see my friends in St. Augustine and get settled into my house. I'm also way excited because in only FIVE days my best friend Allison is coming to see me here in Atlanta!!! She's riding up with Ginny Pellum on her (Ginny's) way back to school, and Allie will stay with us for a few days and then ride back to Florida with me. That's awesome because now I'll have company for the 6 1/2 hours!

I had to think about something positive for a few minutes because today was a stressful day at work. Luckily, I haven't had too many of those this summer, but today was probably the worst. It was just a really annoying job today. Conditions were far from ideal. But we got done what we needed to do, and luckily Wendy the designer was helping a little today and she's going to finish up the rest tonight because she has to meet with the builder or somebody like that at that house anyway. On the plus side, there was a really attractive guy installing some speakers or something for a little bit while we were there! The funny part of today was Marti and I figuring out how to fit the ladder into her Jeep Wrangler! We conquered it though. It's all good.

Not much else is new. Except that the kids started school today. The middle-schoolers are home already and seem like everything went well. The high-schoolers are still at their extra-curriculars. That's all. Later.

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