Sep 22, 2004


Yes, I am posting again! Nearly a miracle, huh? I'm at my work-study job, and there's nothing to do in the office today, so here I am. I can't wait to eat my lunch. I made a chicken salad sandwich today. I sampled a little of it while I was making it this morning, and it's pretty good.

So like I was saying earlier, my church has started a new Wednesday night service called "Lifehouse." Previously they only had a Wednesday night prayer meeting/Bible study time, which mostly only the elderly people came to. They still have that at 7:00, but they added the Lifehouse service at 6:00. I had been wanting to go to it to see how it was, but with everything else I do (including Fusion/leadership from 8:30-11:00 on Wednesdays) I just hadn't made a point to get there. Now that Bobby has asked me to sing, I will have a reason to make myself go. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm amazed at the number of services that our church holds every week. And I'm amazed that Pastor Ron isn't completely worn out after all of them! We have a Saturday night service, three Sunday morning services, a Sunday night service, a Wednesday night service, and a Wednesday night prayer meeting. Not to mention the youth service on Wednesdays and Fusion for the college group. I'm not sure that Pastor Ron does any of the Wednesday services, however. Anyway, this didn't really have anything to do with anything. Just what I was thinking about.

I have to start signing up to take my teaching exams soon. I was looking at the booklet a few minutes ago, and I think it will be three seperate days that I will have to take tests. I'll do one in January, one in April, and one in July. I'm not really looking forward to those, but I guess it'll be good to get them done. I'm not sure if I have to be done before my internship next fall, or if I have until the end of my internship. All the information about the tests is really vague. I think I have the option of doing online tests, but I think you still have to go to an actual testing place to do them, so I'd rather stick with the paper and pencil tests if that's the case. I was hoping I could just do the tests from my house or whatever, but I guess you would have the opportunity to cheat if you could do that. Anyway.

Well, I'm out of stuff to talk about right now, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Later.

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