Feb 3, 2005


If I were a really anal person... okay, if I were really anal in a mean sort of way... this is the kind of blog I would have. It's called "Things I hate about my flatmate." (They even have a mouse problem, which the girls and I can relate to right now.) But don't take that the wrong way... I love my girls and would never write nasty things like that about them.

Speaking of room mates, Christina got into the school she applied to, so that's really exciting. The not so exciting part, however, is that our lease is up next month, so when we re-sign, only three of the origional five of us will be re-signing. We need to get another room mate. We've talked about that idea, but that's really as far as we've gotten. No names have come up and no action has been taken as to actually finding someone. But we really do need to. More on that in days to come.

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