Feb 14, 2005

a very happy v-day...

I have had just an absolutely fabulous day. I had a really good morning, for no reason whatsoever... just in a good mood I guess. Then, I had a wonderful lunch date. Then, I went to my practicum, and while my work there was cut a little short for the holiday festivities, I very much enjoyed watching two classes of kids dive into bags full of Valentines and more sugar than I think I've seen in the past six months! I'm talkin' cake, and cupcakes, and candies of all sorts, and those cookies you get at Wal-Mart with the frosting on top (my girls know which ones I'm talking about!), and anything else you can imagine that contains rediculously large amounts of sugar. Clever of the teachers, however, is that this all took place during the last hour of the school day, so the kids will be wired for their parents!

Anyway, I'm off to photography class. Got to take a quiz. Blah.

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