May 24, 2005

make you banana pancakes...

It's been a while since I posted, which is not to say that nothing exciting has happened, but rather that I have been WORKING! (I know, it's amazing.) My temp job wound up lasting four days instead of just two, which was cool. It was basically data entry, so nothing exciting, but it definitely kept us busy the whole time. "Us" referring to myself and a lady named Emily who was placed on that job with me. She was really nice and I enjoyed working with her. She had been teaching at UF, but is going to be teaching at Flagler starting in the fall in the psychology department. Like I told Rob, she's the most normal psychology professor I've ever met! Very friendly; asked a LOT of questions, but not in a nosy way. I got to talk with her about church a little, which was cool. Cool parts about the job were (1) we got paid for our lunch breaks, (2) they bought us lunch, (3) we got off early twice but got paid for full days. You really can't beat that. (The phrase "couldn't beat that with a stick" was in my head, but I didn't think it fit well enough!) Wednesday and Thursday we ordered lunch from this sub place that was really good. They sold your normal coldcut subs, but the ones we got were hot chikcen subs. Wednesday I had a chicken teriyaki (sp?) sub and it was incredible! Thursday I had cajun chicken, which was good, but I'm not such a fan of my lips being on fire when I'm done eating. So enough about the job.

Wednesday was Krissy's 21st birthday. Also on Wednesday, we led the high-schoolers at Powerhouse, and that went really well. I can't remember if we did anything specific Thursday evening... I just remember everyone was over at the house, which isn't out of the ordinary. But later that night us girls took Krissy out to Fridays for a drink and dessert. I'm not a big drinker, nor will I ever be, but I am starting to draw specific conclusions about what kinds of drinks I like. Fruity is fine but really sweet isn't, etc. Anyway. Friday was mine and Rob's six-month anneversary. I got off work early by chance that day, which was perfect because I was cooking dinner so that gave me plenty of time to get everything done. I made chicken enchiladas and spanish rice with beans. Rob brought a bottle of white wine, which I found out I enjoy far more than red. We just hung out around his house and had a relaxing evening, which I think was exactly what both of us needed. We played music for a while, and then rented a movie. When I say "we played music" that means he played and I sang along. We watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which is really good. Overall, it was just a wonderful day.

Saturday was a busy day. Rob had to work in the morning, but then he came with me up to Jax for Christen and Bobby's wedding. Then we had to be back here for the Saturday evening service. Then we went back to Orange Park for Krissy and Jenni's birthday party at Krissy's parents' house. We had intentions of everybody going skating afterward, but Skate World closes too early. So we came back and bummed around here and watched a movie. Sunday, in contrast, was a nice relaxing day. After Sunday school, we went out to eat, and then me, Rob, Krissy, Marilyn, and Greg (and occasionally some others) spent the entire afternoon on the front porch. It was nice. Monday after work I ran around doing errands for the NY trip, and then got to go to Lisa and Luis' new house for Bible study. Their house is very nice. And Bible study was awesome! Then there was more porch time. Today I got to sleep in late, but I actually have several things that need to be accomplished today, so I'm gonna go get on that now. I will be headed to NY tomorrow, so posts for the next week may be few and far between as I am not taking my computer. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Peace out!

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