Dec 27, 2005

christmas weekend...

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope the holiday was pleasant for you. Mine was nice. Rob and I have discussed several times lately how there's just not the same excitement anymore as there was when we were kids. The day comes and goes without much hoop-la. Which is fine. I sort of like the way it feels to have a less "commercialized" Christmas. Overall, we had a pleasant weekend in Jacksonville. I introduced Rob to Chamblin's Book Mine on Saturday, which was a big hit. He left with his very own copy of a Bartlett's book of quotations, which was a very exciting moment for him. He also purchased a gift for a friend of ours, as well as a copy of Mere Christianity for me, as I have been intending to read it for some time, and his copy is on loan, possibly never to be seen again. Saturday night was presents for the kids at Mom and Dad's house, followed by a trip to the Adams' residence to visit Allie. Rob and I exchanged our gifts that night, as well (I received a digital camera, hence the above picture). Sunday morning was blueberry muffins, church, presents with parents, and a big lunch. After being sent on our way with leftovers in tow, we stopped by the movie theater to watch whatever was playing. We spent the remainder of the evening back in St. Augustine at Rob's house hanging out with friends. Monday we hit the road again to Orlando to see Rob's family who were staying with their god-family. Today and tomorrow will be normal St. Augustine-only days (unless I decide to go to lunch with my mom tomorrow), but on Thursday we'll be going up to St. Simon's Island for Kathy and Todd's wedding. I actually don't mind being on the road so much, especially since I'm not working this week. I'd much rather do that than be bored all the time. Being here three days this week rather than five gives me enough time to do things I need to do but keeps me from running completely out of stuff to do, especially with none of the room mates home. Like today, for example... I needed to go buy this dress I saw at the store the other day, and I needed to buy some shoes to go with it. I got a great deal on the shoes... which makes me feel a little better about what I paid for the dress! Anyway, now I'm rambling. I'm gonna go. Later!

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