Jan 13, 2006


Teaching is going well. Wednesday was one of those horrible days where I came home wondering why on earth I wanted to be a teacher, but ever since then things have been going really well. I had a wonderful compliment from the media specialist (librarian) this morning, saying that the class comes in much quieter and calmer with me than with their regular teacher. (As he said, Mr. Sherman has a very high noise threshhold.) I was glad to hear that because it makes me think I'm doing something right! The media specialist is such a nice older gentleman. He even volunteered to write a letter of recommendation for me! That's awefully nice.

This week I did a lot of things different in the class, and I'm glad to say it worked out well. And I think the kids are starting to adjust to the fact that I have different expectations of them than they are used to. Also, I'm learning to try different things. If what I "usually" do doesn't seem to be effective, I've been trying to find what works. It's usually little things, but they really do make a difference. I'm also getting used to what the "survival stage" of teaching feels like! It's not always fun, but you get through it eventually. I think starting off with my own class will be much smoother than taking over someone else's. Speaking of which, if you want something to pray for, pray that I can get a permanent teaching position for the fall. Whatever happens, I want what God has planned for me above all else. I know He has big things in store!

On a totally seperate note, I absolutely love living in downtown St. Augustine. Rob and I went on a walk Wednesday evening after my long day, to be away from people for a while, as I require lots of "recharge" time which I haven't gotten much of this week. Anyway, it was wonderful. I love this town. We strolled St. George Street for a bit, had some Kilwin's, and hung out at the park for a while. Where else would I have all that available to me in walking distance of my house? After we're married, Rob and I want to get an apartment downtown for a year or so, if we can find a place. There's lots of cool places, but being downtown, their prices are sometimes a little high. I'm sure it'll all work out, though.

Veronica's boyfriend Jeff is staying with us this week. He a nice guy. He made a really great dinner for all of us on Tuesday night for Marilyn's birthday. It's been nice getting to know him a little. I think he's here until Sunday morning.

Anyway, my kids are done in the computer lab now, so I have to finish up this post. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. (I love teaching... we get MLK Day off!) Later!

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