Jan 20, 2006


Regardless that I had Monday off this week, it still felt like Friday would never come. And now that it's here, it's been such a long day. It seems with my class that we alternate between good days and not-as-good days. There's hardly ever two bad days in a row, but there's also not usually two good days in a row. Yesterday was good. For whatever reason, I thought today might be the same, but it's been a little hectic. I know Fridays are generally a little crazy, but I was really hoping for a nice relaxing day. Oh well. I am planning on having a fantastic afternoon when I go home. And as for tomorrow, I'm not waking up for a very long time. Then, tomorrow evening, my baby niece Allison is having her first birthday party! Granted that whole concept is a little rediculous since one-year-olds aren't able to comprehend "birthday party" yet, but I'm still kind of excited about it anyway. I bought her a cute green plush frog. It's that super-soft vellure fabric. I like it a lot. I wanted to get her this elephant I saw, as I love elephants, but it was bigger than she is, so I opted for the frog. Anyway, gotta go. Later.

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