Mar 7, 2006

good things...

Yes, yes. This is, in fact, the third post in a single day. I know. Completely amazing. Anyway.

Nena is an aunt! Her sister-in-law gave birth this morning. Kenzie has entered the world, strong and healthy.

I set up AIM on my work computer today. (I use the term "work" loosely.) I can't even tell you the last time I used my screen name. Seconds after logging on, I got an IM from a name I didn't recognize. I ignored it at first, but when I got kicked off and logged back on and got a second message, I decided to figure out who it was. It was, in fact, my friend Florian from Germany who spent one year at my high school my senior year as a foreign exchange student! I was very surprised to hear from him, not knowing how he found my screen name or anything. Apparently, he and Quinn have kept in touch off and on, he found the link to my blog from Quinn's, and I guess got my screen name from my blog profile. I was really excited to hear from him! Not that we were terribly close when he was here -- we only had one class together -- it's just that he's one of those friends who I really never expected to hear from ever again. Anyway, it was just cool to talk to him.

I had leftover chicken strips and a biscuit from KFC for lunch. Wonderfully satisfying. And Diet Coke is such a wonderful invention. I'm not as addicted as Rob, but I'm definitely more accustom to drinking it on a daily basis than I used to be. I usually limit it to one or two a day. I definitely have the hook-up here at the office... while I sit here, getting paid to spend 9 hours a day on the internet, I also get to listen to Sirius radio. It's pretty cool. I love that it doesn't have commercials, like regular radio. My only complaint, like Lisa's next door to me, is that they seem to have a limited selection of songs they play on each station. Even when you switch frequently between the indie rock station and the two alternative rock stations, you still wind up hearing the same songs repeatedly. There are a bunch more stations, but those are the ones I prefer. I tend to leave mine on indie and Lisa leaves hers on alternative, so eventually, if you wander the offices enough, you hear it all. Luckily no one here listens to country. I might have to shoot them if they did. While I'm a fan of some bluegrass stuff, the general country music hurts my head to even think about for very long. I was disappointed with Sirius' Christian stations. Even the "Christian Rock" one doesn't really play the new, popular stuff. (okay, so this paragraph was long and completely random.)

When I started this post, I'm pretty sure I had one more thing to say, which had I remembered, would have replaced the above paragraph, but alas, I have forgotten. Se la vi. (I don't know if I spelled that right. That's my American phonics version of it anyway.) Later.

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